Local Senates

Posting of Local Equivalency Processes on Websites

Whereas, Reviewing local equivalency processes from other districts can be helpful to local senates when they are undergoing review and revision of their own local equivalency processes;

Whereas, Local senates across the state have adopted a wide range of differing procedures for establishing equivalency, and having access to these procedures would help colleges establishing procedures of their own to compare effective practices; and

Collegial Consultation with Local Senates on Student Learning Outcomes Policies and Procedures

Whereas, The revised accreditation standards adopted in June 2014 by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) may require colleges to adjust or revise their already adopted processes or policies to address changes to the new standards (Standard 1.B.6), especially in the manner in which colleges collect, assess, and use student learning outcome data for courses and academic programs; and

Faculty Primacy in Distance Education Instructional Programs and Student Services

Whereas, The academic and professional matters identified in Title 5 §53200, including, but not limited to, curriculum development, approval policies, and procedures, educational program development, faculty professional development policies, student success policies, and institutional planning processes are matters of faculty primacy equally vital to ensuring the development and delivery of both quality in-person and distance education instructional programs and student services that promote educational success for faculty and students;

Faculty Evaluation of Administrators

Whereas, The Academic Senate for California Community Colleges has adopted a paper on faculty involvement in the evaluation of administrators;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate hold a breakout in Fall 2002 revisiting the issue of faculty involvement in the evaluation of administrators;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate conduct a survey in the Fall 2002 session on community colleges that have a process for evaluating administrators; and

Resolved, That the Academic Senate provide examples of such processes and share them through a publication.

Integration of Grants With College Planning and Budget Processes

Whereas, Unprecedented budget challenges are prompting California community colleges to seek alternative funding sources, such as grants, with increasing urgency;

Whereas, Grants are increasingly a de facto part of college planning and budget processes and are used to maintain and/or expand new and existing programs; and

Whereas, Failure to integrate grants development into college planning and budget development processes circumvents, and thus disrupts, those college processes;


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