Empowering Local Senates: Roles and Responsibilities of and Strategies for an Effective Senate


Preamble and Preface

Part I. Academic Senate Responsibilities

A. The Academic Senate in California: A Brief History B. The Legal Basis: Education Code, Title 5, and Local Implementation 1. Sections of Title 5 and Education Code Affecting Academic Senates 2. Incorporating the Law at the Local Level: Board Policy, Regulations, Delegation of Authority, and Senate/Union Relations

Part II. Your Duties as a Local Senate President

A. Job Description for a Local Academic Senate President B. College/District Reports Requiring Senate Sign-off, Review or Vigilance C. Committee Appointments

Part III. Ensuring the Effectiveness of the Local Senate

A. Placement in the College's Governance Structure B. Constitution and Bylaws C. Effective Participatory Governance 1. Goal Setting, Status Reports and Annual Reports 2. Meetings a. Compliance with the Open Meetings Acts b. Setting and Posting Agendas (1) The Order of Business (2) Public Comments at Meetings (3) Posting Agendas c. Conducting Senate Meetings (1) Standing Rules (2) About Parliamentary Procedures (3) A Strategy for Conducting Discussions of Agenda Items (4) Strategies for Voting on Agenda Items d. Adapting the Resolution for your Local Use 3. Keeping the Faculty Informed 4. Faculty Participation a. Soliciting Faculty Participation b. Maintaining Faculty Participation 5. Key Resources Available in Your Senate Files D. Institutionalizing Your Senate's Effectiveness Seeking Technical Assistance to Ensure Compliance

Part IV. Linking the Local and District Senates to the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges

A. Functions of the Academic Senate B. Area Divisions C. Role of Local Senates Committee D. Senate Institutes E. Senate Plenary Sessions 1. Resolutions 2. Local Senate Use of Academic Senate Resolutions 3. Disciplines List Special Procedure F. Participation in Senate Committees G. Nominations for State-wide Awards and Service 1. Academic Senate Awards 2. Service to the Board of Governors H. Consultation Process