Transfer, Articulation, and Student Services Committee

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Transfer and Articulation Committee

The Transfer, Articulation, and Student Services Committee is responsible for development and review of policies, procedures, administrative requirements and general information regarding counseling and library issues; discussion of current counseling and library programs; and consensus development on issues through study and research. The committee presents position statements and policy recommendations to the Academic Senate Executive Committee.

Past Minutes

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Academic Year Meetings: 

The next TASSC meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, October 14, 2015, 12:30-1:30 pm on CCC Confer. 



Resolutions from this committee

# Title Session Yearsort ascending Status
20.01 Developing a System Plan for Serving Disenfranchised Students Fall 2014 Assigned
15.01 Explore Potential Impacts of Endorsing LEAP General Education Outcomes Fall 2013 Found Not Feasible
08.01 Update Senate Paper Role of Counseling Faculty in California Community Colleges Fall 2011 Completed
08.02 Faculty Advisors Fall 2011 Assigned
11.01 Consultation Regarding Technology Tools Impacting Student Services Fall 2011 Assigned
08.02 Title 5 Changes to Include Counselor to Student Ratio Spring 2010 Completed
06.01 Evaluation and Revision of Financial Aid Systems Fall 2010 Found Not Feasible
16.01 Develop Standards of Practice Paper for Library Services Spring 2009 Completed
20.01 Post-9/11 G.I. Bill, Veterans and Financial Aid Spring 2009 Completed
20.02 Improving Student Access to Financial Aid Spring 2009 Completed
08.01 Support for Online Counseling Services Spring 2008 Completed
13.04 Effective Practices for Online Tutoring Spring 2008 Assigned
15.01 UC/CSU Transfer Admissions Practices Spring 2004 Completed
15.03 CSU Service Areas Spring 2004 Completed
13.02 Effect of Compressed Calendars on No classroom Faculty Spring 2002 Completed
08.01 Use of Paraprofessionals Spring 2001 Completed
08.02 Transfer Center Directors Spring 2001 Completed
08.05 Student Athletes Spring 2001 Deferred
06.07 Protection of Counseling and Library Faculty in Relation to the 50% Law Fall 2000 Completed
08.01 Web Advising Fall 1999 Completed
18.01 English Placement Spring 1999 Completed
04.01 Community College Articulation Numbering System (CCAN) Spring 1999 Completed
08.01 Degree Audit Check Spring 1999 Completed
08.02 Appropriate Uses of Paraprofessionals Spring 1999 Completed
20.04 Honors Programs Fall 1998 Completed
20.01 Honors Programs Spring 1998 Completed
04.03 Transfer Admission Guarantee Agreements Spring 1998 Completed
08.05 Inclusion of all Counseling Faculty in General Counseling Activities Spring 1998 Completed
17.01 Student Preparation and Success Spring 1998 Completed
08.03 Learning Centers Spring 1998 Completed
21.01 Internet and Career Center Access Spring 1997 Completed
08.01 Counseling Faculty Assigned to other College Programs Fall 1997 Completed
08.01 Standards of Practice for California Community College Counseling Programs Spring 1997 Completed
08.02 Athletic Counselors Fall 1997 Completed
19.02 No classroom Faculty and 75:25 Spring 1997 Completed
19.03 Learning Center Faculty Spring 1997 Completed
16.02 Information Competency Fall 1996 Completed
16.02 Cataloging by Librarians Spring 1996 Completed
16.01 Categorical Funding for Library and Learning Resources Fall 1996 Completed
19.05 Ratio, Counseling and Library Faculty Inclusion(19.13 S96 Postponed) Fall 1996 Completed
08.01 Create a Standing Committee for Counseling and Library Faculty Issues Spring 1995 Completed