The Academic Senate sponsors institutes to address faculty and local senate needs in a variety of areas. Below is the alphabetical list of Academic Senate Institutes held ever year. To see what institutes are still coming up this year click here.

Academic Academy

This Institute is intentionally designed to have a rotating theme related to student success. The Institute welcomes faculty, administrators, and colleagues interested in achieving student success.

Accreditation Institute

This institute encourages senate Accreditation officers and SLO Coordinators to attend. The goal of the institute is to teach the officers to prepare for upcoming federal reviews of their college, as well as to set outcomes and self study materials for their campus.

Curriculum Institute

The Curriculum Institute is intended for faculty, particularly curriculum chairs and chief instructional officers, involved in new program development, program revision, or technology curriculum development. Faculty attending the Institute will learn good curriculum committee practices; write integrated course outlines; receive special assistance from curriculum specialists, and learn other useful skills involved in developing curriculum at the community colleges.

Faculty Leadership Institute

Local senates around the state will send faculty that are new to the senate leadership position to the institute. The participants meet for three days of workshops dedicated to issues involved in running effective senates, faculty hiring, budget planning, technical assistance, and other hot issues facing the California community colleges faculty.

Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) and Assessment Institute

A one day institute that provides two tracks addressing: 1) training for new SLO coordinators and programs and 2) topics for experienced SLO coordinators with growing programs on their campuses. Breakouts focus on assessment methods, getting, storing and using assessment data. The role of SLOs in program and curriculum review as well as looking at evidence-based practices that contribute to curricular excellence are discussed.

Vocational Education Leadership Institute

The purpose of the Vocational Leadership Institute is to develop our vocational education faculty members to assume leadership roles. The grant funding sponsors 100 faculty members to attend the event and includes registration and travel costs. The Senate believes this institute helps encourage vocational faculty to participate in the leadership of the college governance.