40.00 Honoring Faculty Leaders

(Approved February 6, 2015)

There are times when a faculty member(s) or the Executive Committee may want to honor faculty who have served the Academic Senate by supporting the mission and vision through a variety of capacities (e.g., committee member, Executive Committee member, advisory group). The following are some of the ways that the ASCCC or the Executive Committee can honor faculty including:

  • Emeritus status – retired faculty only (noted in bylaws)
  • Resolution (honorary or adopted resolution)
  • Contribution to the Academic Senate Foundation including to the level of Leadership Circle 
  • Contribution to a charitable organization suggested by the family of the deceased up to the amount of registration at one plenary session
  • Proclamation 
  • Recognition in the Rostrum, a plenary session program, or other printed material of the ASCCC

If the Executive Committee or a faculty member(s), working through their Area, determines that a faculty member should be honored, the following criteria will be considered:

  1. The faculty member must be a deceased, or retired community college faculty member, who has completed at least five (5) years of significant service to the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges.
  2. The faculty member must be recognized for exceptional contributions supporting the aims and functions of the ASCCC.

The honoring of Executive Committee members who have serve a full term or longer is under the discretion of the Executive Committee. A request to honor an Executive Committee member must be agendized for action at a regular meeting of the Executive Committee.

Individuals that have been granted emeritus status are entitled to special recognition at senate events, free issues of the Academic Senate Rostrum, and free registration at all Academic Senate Plenary Sessions.