Academic Senate Papers

Below you will find a sortable list of Academic Senate papers. You may find that there is more than one paper on a given topic. If you want the most current information, please click on the most recent dated publication. Click on the table header to sort papers by year, title, topic, or committee.

Yearsort icon Title Topic Committee Download
1992 Strengthening the Accreditation Process Accreditation Academic Senate PDF
1993 Student Mentoring: Responding to the Laroche Challenge Students Ad Hoc Committee on Mentoring PDF
1993 Contract Education (A Background Paper) Contract Education Academic Senate PDF
1993 Affirmative Action Regulations: Guidelines with Questions and Answers Equity and Diversity Affirmative Action/Cultural Diversity PDF
1993 Model District Policy for Prerequisites, Corequisites, Advisories on Recommended Preparation, and Other Limitations on Enrollment Matriculation Ad Hoc Cmte on Prerequisites & Matriculation PDF
1993 Student Equity: Guidelines for Developing a Plan Students Ad Hoc Student Equity Committee PDF
1993 Waivers to Mandates Statewide Senate Academic Senate PDF
1993 Flexible Calendar: Guidelines for the Implementation of the Flexible Calendar Program Faculty Development Faculty Development Committee PDF
1993 Distance Learning in California Community Colleges: An Academic Senate Review of the Social, Fiscal and Educational Issues Distance Learning Educational Policies Committee PDF
1993 Toward a Model Chief Executive Officer Evaluation Policy Professional Standards Educational Policies Committee PDF
1994 Placement of Courses within Disciplines Curriculum Standards and Practices Committee PDF
1994 Role of Counseling Faculty in the California Community Colleges Counseling Counseling and Library Faculty Issues Committee/TAC PDF
1994 Faculty Ethics: Expanding The AAUP Ethics Statement Professional Standards Educational Policies Committee PDF
1995 Toward a Common Course Numbering System Articulation and Transfer CAN Ad Hoc Committee PDF
1995 Components of a Model Course Outline of Record Curriculum Curriculum Committee PDF