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Latest Rostrum Articles

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Change is in the Air Lieu, Mark Wade, President September 2007
Basic Skills: A Conversation Kawaguchi, Lesley, Chair, Basic Skills Committee September 2007
Refocusing with a New Lens Vogel, Shaaron, Chair, Relations with Local Senates September 2007
Julie's In Box Adams, Julie, Executive Director September 2007
Curriculum-Product or Process North, Wheeler, Curriculum Committee Chair September 2007
Knowing About the model Equal Employment Opportunity Plan Is a Good Start Kawaguchi, Lesley, Santa Monica College, Chair, EDAC with Johnnie Terry, Sierra College, Relations with Local Senates Committee May 2007
Preliminary Results from the Survey of Community College Honor Programs: Student Equity Implications Kawaguchi, Lesley, Chair, Equity and Diversity Action Committee May 2007
Information Competency - the Invisible Basic Skills Crump, Dan, Librarian, American River College May 2007
Academic Senate Annual Report Lieu, Mark Wade, Vice-President May 2007
Assessment Anxiety in the Air Lieu, Mark Wade, Chair of the Consultation Council Assessment Task Force May 2007
LDTP - Challenges and Opportunities Patton, Jane, Executive Committee May 2007
Access for All North, Wheeler, Area D Representative and friends May 2007
Information Competency Graduation Requirement Programs: A Survey of Methods Hellenius, Shawna, Consumnes River College May 2007
Speak, Converse, Verbalize, Articulate, Dialogue, Write, Act! Gilbert, Greg, Secretary May 2007
Confrontation and the Common Good Walton, Ian, President May 2007
Win, Lose, or Draw: Hiring Administrators Pilati, Michelle, Relations with Local Senates Committee Chair May 2007
CTE: A Five Year Plan to Help Link Planning to the Budget Vogel, Shaaron, Area A Representative May 2007
Jack of All Trades, Master of None? Crump, Dan, on breakouts about legislation, disciplines, and information. May 2007
Disciplines Lists - Breakout on the Structure ("Exploring New Approaches") and Hearing on Proposals Crump, Dan, Member of the Standards and Practices Committee May 2007
Playing Nice: Academic Senates in Multi-College Districts Mahon, Richard, Member, Relations with Local Senates and Executive Committee May 2007
Administrators Need and Orientation to the Senate Patton, Jane, Executive Committee Member May 2007
Update on Statewide Career Pathways Project Patton, Jane and Sid Burks, members of the Statewide Career Pathways Steering Committee March 2007
Burning Questions about Accreditation Fulks, Janet, Executive Committee March 2007
Curriculum Institute and Student Learning Outcomes Institute Wade lieu, Mark, Curriculum Committee March 2007
Leadership: It Does Take a Village Shaaron Vogel, Occupational Education Committee Chair March 2007