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Latest Rostrum Articles

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Career Readiness: No New Definition Needed North, Wheeler, Treasurer, Faculty Coordinator, Statewide Career Pathways June 2013
Casting Call for Occupational Education: Producing Blockbuster Leaders Crump, Dan, Chair, 2008-09 Occupational Education Committee May 2009
CB and SP Codes: What You Need to Know and Why Schiel, Melynie, Copper Mountain College, Curriculum Committee, Rutan, Craig, Santiago Canyon College, Curriculum Committee February 2012
Celebrating and Coping with the Title 5 Changes of 2007 Pilati, Michelle, System Advisory Committee on Curriculum December 2007
Challenge Your MQ Knowledge Smith, Beth, Chair, Standards and Practices Committee March 2009
Chancellor Backs LACCD Senate Butler, Winston, Academic Senate President, LACCD District October 1998
Chancellor Nussbaum Asked to Take the Lead in Diversity Statement Conn, Edith, Chair January 1998
Change is in the Air Lieu, Mark Wade, President September 2007
Changes to the Graduation Requirements for the Associate's Degree Lieu, Mark Wade September 2005
Changing Perceptions: Taking Control and Being Proactive Vogel, Shaaron, Occupational Education Committee Chair February 2007
CollegeBuys Increases Affordability of Software Purchases ASCCC December 2012
Collegial Consultation: The Art of Influencing and Being Influenced North, Wheeler, Treasurer, Faculty Coordinator, Statewide Career Pathways November 2013
Committee Service: Whats in It for You? Yula Flournoy September 2004
Common Courtesy and Professionalism: Do We Expect Less from Each Other than We Expect of Our Students? Morse, David, Secretary December 2012
Communication is Key Crump, Dan, Chair, Relations with Local Senates Committee 2009-2010 September 2010
Community College Students Recognized for Scholarship Smith, Beth, Standards and Practices Committee December 2007
Community College Transfers Succeed at UC Mikolajczak, Miki, Chair March 2000
Community Services Course Approval: Should Senates Have a Role? Bruno, Julie, Curriculum Committee Chair and Rutan, Craig, Curriculum Committee Member December 2012
Complications in Determining Faculty Minimum Qualifications Mark Snowhite, Chair December 2003
Compressed Calendar SurveyAre We Glad We're There? Patton, Jane, Chair May 2006
Concurrent Enrollment: Opportunities and Considerations Smith, Beth, Executive Committee December 2007
Concurrent Enrollment: Where to from Here? Patton, Jane, Vice President, Statewide Career Pathways Faculty Coordinator December 2007
Confrontation and the Common Good Walton, Ian, President May 2007
Considerations for Moving Noncredit MQs from Title 5 to the Disciplines List Lieu, Mark Wade, Chair, Noncredit Committee December 2010
Consultants and the 10 + 1 Lieu, Mark Wade, Chair November 2005