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# Year Session Title Category Group
10.05 2017 Spring Equivalency Resources for Local Senates Disciplines List
10.06 2017 Spring Inclusion of Apprenticeship Faculty Minimum Qualifications in the Disciplines List Disciplines List
11.01 2017 Spring Using Savings from Adopting Canvas Technology
11.02 2017 Spring Expansion of the Online Course Exchange Technology
12.01 2017 Spring Professional Development College Modules on Noncredit Faculty Development
12.02 2017 Spring Support Use of Sabbaticals and Other Professional Development for Open Educational Resources Development Faculty Development
13.01 2017 Spring Support for Federal Funding of Arts and Humanities Programs General Concerns
17.01 2017 Spring Academic Senate Involvement in and Sign-off on Grants and Initiative Plans Local Senates
17.02 2017 Spring Adequate Support and a Designated Point Person for Formerly Incarcerated Students Local Senates
17.03 2017 Spring Local Senate Purview and Apprenticeship Programs Local Senates
02.01 2016 Fall Local Recruitment and Nomination Processes for Accreditation Teams Accreditation Accreditation Committee
02.02 2016 Fall Evaluation of the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges Accreditation President
02.03 2016 Fall Faculty Positions on the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges Accreditation President
07.01 2016 Fall Apprenticeship Programs Consultation with the Chancellor's Office Standards and Practices Committee
07.02 2016 Fall Inclusion of English Language Learners in Equity and Scorecard Categories Consultation with the Chancellor's Office Equity and Diversity Action Committee
09.01 2016 Fall Single Process for Local Curriculum Approval Curriculum Curriculum Committee
09.02 2016 Fall Faculty Involvement in the Creation of Dual Enrollment Programs Curriculum Educational Policies Committee
09.03 2016 Fall Investigate Effective Practices for Pathways Programs Curriculum Curriculum Committee
10.01 2016 Fall Annual Consideration of the Disciplines List Proposals Disciplines List Standards and Practices Committee
10.02 2016 Fall Explore Establishing a More Flexible Discipline for Emerging Career and Technical Education Fields Disciplines List Standards and Practices Committee