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# Year Session Title Topic Committee
17.03 2015 Spring Establishing Local Legislative Liaison Position Local Senates Legislative and Advocacy Committee
17.04 2015 Spring Collegial Consultation with Local Senates on Student Learning Outcomes Policies and Procedures Local Senates Relations with Local Senates Committee
17.05 2015 Spring Establish Local Noncredit Liaison Position Local Senates Noncredit Committee
19.01 2015 Spring Local Certification of Qualification for Single Course Instruction Professional Standards
01.01 2014 Fall Adopt the Resolutions Handbook Academic Senate Resolutions Operational Committee
02.01 2014 Fall Student Learning Outcomes and Faculty Evaluation Accreditation President
02.02 2014 Fall Accreditation Evaluation Teams and Commission Actions Accreditation President
02.03 2014 Fall Faculty Participation on ACCJC External Review Committees Accreditation Accreditation Committee
02.04 2014 Fall Freedom to Choose Accreditation
07.01 2014 Fall Restructure the FON to Include Noncredit Faculty Consultation with the Chancellor's Office President
07.02 2014 Fall ASCCC Involvement in the California Community College Institutional Effectiveness and Technical Assistance Program Consultation with the Chancellor's Office President
07.03 2014 Fall Aligning State Reporting Deadlines With Academic Calendars Consultation with the Chancellor's Office 5C
07.04 2014 Fall Student Safety: Sexual Assault Consultation with the Chancellor's Office Equity and Diversity Action Committee
07.05 2014 Fall Definition of Basic Skills Consultation with the Chancellor's Office 5C
07.06 2014 Fall Re-enrollment Information for Admissions and Records Staff Consultation with the Chancellor's Office Educational Policies Committee
07.07 2014 Fall Alignment of the Title 5 Definition of Distance Education with the Federal Definition of Distance Education Consultation with the Chancellor's Office Distance Education
07.08 2014 Fall Remove the Term Remedial from the Student Success Scorecard Consultation with the Chancellor's Office Scorecard Representatives
08.01 2014 Fall Recognition for Skills-builder Completion Counseling Scorecard Representatives
08.02 2014 Fall Broaden the Definitions of Success and Completion Counseling Scorecard Representatives
09.01 2014 Fall Local Degrees for Transfer and General Education Requirements Curriculum 5C