1994 Exemplary Program Award

1994 Award Winners

Evergreen Valley College

Evergreen Valley College’s Enlace Program incorporates "culture specific" content and methods into its courses to promote student retention and transfer. The Enlace student profile includes students having a shared experience of being raised in and attending school in Chicana and/or Latina neighborhoods of San Jose. Enlace offers courses in English, guidance, math, and science. The mission of the Enlace Program is to increase the educational success, including retention and transfer, of Chicana and/or Latina students.

Santa Rosa Junior College

Santa Rosa Junior College’s College Success program offers students an integrated curriculum of preparatory English and counseling courses, and sometimes college skills, psychology and mathematics courses as well. The courses are designed to serve students needing college skill development. Each student is assigned to a "block" of classes. Instructors of each block meet regularly to target individual student needs collectively. Instructors design a multi-culturally inclusive curriculum to appeal to the diversity of students. The special attention and supportive environment aim to ensure student interest, connection, commitment, thus, college success.

Honorable Mention

Antelope Valley College, The Transfer Center Program San Diego City College, The English Center Santa Barbara College, The Disabled Students P & S West Valley College, On to College, 2+2+2