2001 Regina Stanback Stroud Award

2001 Winners

Tyra Benoit, Butte-Glenn Community College

As a part recipient of an NEH award to study in Central America and a Fulbright to study in Peru and Ecuador, Benoit has modeled increased global awareness for her students. On campus, she co-chaired a campus-wide Task Force on Diversity, serves as a member of the Staff Diversity Committee, and managed an internship program that recruited graduate students from underrepresented groups. She has also served as the Director of a Bilingual Teacher Recruitment Program, which encouraged students who did not speak English as their first language to consider teaching as a career.

Nancy Malone, Diablo Valley College

Malone is known for her work on department and campus committees; her commitment to using diverse learning styles to encourage, retain, and assist students; and for her role in creating a campus climate and environment friendly to students and faculty of diverse backgrounds and interests. She has served on hiring committees to endorse high affirmative action goals, helps develop the college's recruitment plan, and recruits by attending the Affirmative Action Job Faire and making personal contacts. She also sits on the literature committee, paying particular attention to the college's multicultural curriculum and offerings.

Sunshine Vidal, Fullerton College

Vidal was instrumental in the development of the college's Transfer Achievement Program (TAP), which ensures that at risk students succeed in their developmental English and math classes, with the ultimate goal of transferring to a four-year-university. She serves as a counselor to students in the program and is primarily responsible for identifying those who would be eligible for TAP. She is an effective campus leader who has helped to bring together faculty from diverse academic perspectives to concentrate upon the common goal of assisting students in TAP classes.

Ola Washington, Ventura Community College

Washington serves the campus in a variety of capacities - she is the Black Student Union advisor; she invites guest speakers and arranges multi-cultural activities; she speaks against racism and sexism of any kind as a writer, editorialist and poet; and she has organized an after-school tutoring group for socially and economically deprived students in neighboring La Concilio. As a member of the Multicultural Collaborative, funded by a multi-college grant, she has been a presenter as well as a participant. She serves as students' teacher, mentor, guide, and friend.