2010 Exemplary Award


Chaffey College — Opening Door

The Opening Doors program was implemented in order to develop lifelong learners who will assess their own knowledge, skills and abilities in order to set personal, educational and career goals – learners that can work independently and in group settings, identifying lifestyle choices that promote self reliance, financial literacy, and physical, mental and social health. Opening Doors targets students in their last semester of probation before they are dismissed by the college. By using the principles of intervention, this program requires students to participate in an informational session about their probation standing and sign a contract to complete the intervention. This program is committed to helping students move off of academic and progress probation. Opening Doors includes counseling, instruction, instructional support, orientation and follow up. This innovative, home-grown intervention for students at risk of dismissal serves to facilitate and sustain student success. The mission of Chaffey College is to improve the lives of the communities it serves and Opening Doors epitomizes this mission, which is one of the reasons it has been chosen as a winner for this year’s Exemplary Award.

Mira Costa College — Textbook Loan Program

Various studies have shown that college students nationally pay on average $800-$1,000 per year for textbooks. Over the last two decades, textbook prices have increased by 186%. For many students, the cost of textbooks is a critical barrier to success; it is clear that students without textbooks will not do well in class and will not be able to achieve the student learning outcomes for the course. With the Textbook Loan Program (TBLP), students in need can receive a loan of one or two textbooks per semester by filling out a simple application. The Extended Opportunity Programs and Services or TBLP office verifies students’ information and within 48 hours notifies them about the status of their textbook loan. Since its inception, the program has tirelessly pursued its goal of providing financially disadvantaged students with textbooks for the semester. The Textbook Loan Program is a collaborative effort across Mira Costa College. Both students and faculty are the direct beneficiaries of this program. TBLP enables all students to have an equal chance at achievement and success. In recognition of the work TBLP has done, the Academic Senate is proud to honor it as a 2010 Exemplary Award Winner.


Los Medanos College — Process Technology Center

The Process Technology (PTEC) Center prepares men and women for rewarding careers as plant operators in the refining and chemical industries. By creating unique partnerships with local industry, the Workforce Development Board of Contra Costa County, and the U.S. Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration, the PTEC program has transformed from an idea to a program that now serves more than 175 students each semester. It has a reputation among students for its success. By building a curriculum to prepare students for long-term career achievement, this program is establishing ongoing industrial support. The innovative PTEC program model supports student success by working not just with a business but with an industry sector to understand the career potential for program graduates based upon employer needs. This program is a promise to students that their educational goals will lead to both interesting and rewarding careers. For these reasons, the Academic Senate has chosen the Process Technology Center program as a 2010 Exemplary Award Honorable Mention.

Mt. San Antonio College — WIN Program

The WIN program is a student athlete tutorial center and study hall specifically designed to assist Mt. San Antonio College (Mt. SAC) student athletes in maintaining academic eligibility, completing degrees, and preparing for transfer to a four-year university. Although the program is centered on student athletes, it serves a highly diverse population, including students who are disabled and from various socioeconomic, ethnic, religious, sexual orientation, and gender groups. The WIN program offers a multi-faceted, single-point-of entry program that bridges different divisions on a college campus to facilitate student athlete success. The staff of the WIN program has illustrated the skills and vision needed to provide services to a unique student population thus promoting their academic accomplishments. The program has operated with modest resources but has produced excellent results at this college. Due to its commitment to achieving and promoting academic success, Mt. SAC’s WIN program has been selected as a 2010 Exemplary Award Honorable Mention by the Academic Senate.