2020 Diversity Winner

San Joaquin Delta College’s Social Justice and Equity Committee

The Social Justice and Equity Committee has promoted a truly equity-driven institution, wherein various aspects of the college’s culture, support services, campus life, curriculum, and community engagement demonstrate application of thoughtful and inclusive equity-minded practices intended to support SJDC’s diverse community. Please join us in congratulating them on their enormous contributions to their students and community, including through the following highlighted accomplishments:

  • Creation of a Dreamers Success Center for undocumented students that provides free educational resources, assistance completing DREAM applications, study space, counseling services, and legal services
  • Coordination of annual donation drive to provide and deliver resources to undocumented residents
  • Facilitation of annual Delta DREAM Conference to present undocumented community members with resources
  • Establishment of Student Food Pantry
  • Establishment of Health and Wellness Program with attention to diversity and cultures
  • Establishment of local chapter of Active Minds to provide peer-to-peer interactions focusing on mental health, crises, and depression for students in need
  • Broadcast of In-Lak’ech Radio Cosmico: A Discussion on Social Justice and Equity, a faculty-hosted radio hour focusing on social justice
  • Leadership of campus-wide effort to develop Pathway to Law program, which aims to increase diversity in the law school pipeline, enabling students to participate in the United States Department of Justice’s Future Assistant United States Attorney Academy. San Joaquin Delta College’s Social Justice and Equity Committee has organized student events such as Constitution Day, featuring Sylvia Mendez, and a Law Day Luncheon with their local county bar association. The program has over 400 students and 67 alumni.

San Joaquin Delta College’s Social Justice and Equity Committee has sponsored, supported, and brought to fruition projects improving their students’ immediate circumstances, the community’s needs, and the future of Californians through ongoing dedicated efforts that transcend committee meetings in order to touch on student life/activities, curriculum, California residents not attending the college, and the legal profession.

“Silence is not an option for social justice advocacy, and we hope this award emboldens more progress for students and our community” –Mario Moreno

The goal of the Social Justice Committee is to honor SJDC’s students’resiliency by establishing a social support system, redesigning curriculum, and implementing equity-minded pedagogy practices in the classroom. Members of the committee serve as faculty advisors to the Active Minds Chapter, the I Am/Yo Soy! Club, and the Black Student Union, providing club advisement to over 600 students per semester, and sponsoring and facilitating student events and rallies focusing on the empowerment of diverse cultures.

“I feel personally indebted to the work of the advisors and faculty who work so hard make sure that students like me have opportunities like this. The faculty are investing in our futures in meaningful ways. I am a first-generation Latina college student who is encouraged about my future when I know my teachers care about equity. One thing that I want to speak to is the social justice trip to the border made by members of the committee. As a Latina who sees news and political coverage that is negative about immigration, I felt so proud to contribute to the border trip. Knowing that my professors care about these issues make me feel SEEN instead of dismissed in my college experience.” –Vanessa Vega, President of SJDC’s Active Minds Chapter

San Joaquin Delta College’s cross-institutional commitment to equity serves as a model for the system.