BSI Coordinators

Welcome to everyone interested in basic skills and ESL. A special welcome to basic skills coordinators, faculty and administrators in the California community college system that have worked so hard to understand, improve and evaluate our practices in basic skills and ESL. This page provides a wealth of data, resources and effective practices concerning Basic Skills and ESL. There are links to information about the Basic Skills Initiative, Basic Skills as a Foundation for the California Community Colleges, the Basic Skills Handbook and other important aspects of basic skills and ESL curriculum, program and practices. Included on this page are documents created by California community college faculty, administrators, and researchers that provide important insights into addressing student needs, course content, institutional structure and effective practices. Alignment of the basic skills and ESL curriculum using CB 21 coding are fully explained here. A searchable website of effective practices from California community colleges provides evidence based resources colleges have implemented with success. There are links to the Senate's adopted papers and Rostrum articles relevant to basic skills, noncredit, and ESL. You will also find access to this year's Basic Skills Committee and Noncredit Committee meeting minutes and other activities. Finally, if you have a question regarding basic skills and ESL, whether credit or noncredit, for which you cannot find an answer, please feel free to contact the Academic Senate president or Executive Director, who will answer your question or forward it to the appropriate committee chair or faculty member for a response.