Events and Meetings

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2009 Exemplary Program Award

2008 Fall Plenary Session

Westin Bonaventure, Los Angeles, CA

2008 Curriculum Institute

Sofitel Hotel, San Francisco Bay

2008 Faculty Leadership Institute

Newport Beach

2008 Spring Plenary Session

Westin SFO, San Francisco, CA

2008 Vocational Education Institute

2008 Accreditation Institute

2007 Fall Plenary Session

Anaheim Marriott, Anaheim, CA

2007 Curriculum Institute

Lowes Coronado Bay

2007 Faculty Leadership Institute

San Jose

2007 Vocational Education Institute

2006 Fall Plenary Session

Fairmont Newport Beach, Newport Beach, CA

2006 Curriculum Institute

2006 Facutly Leadership Institute

2006 Vocational Education Institute

2005 Faculty Leadership Institute

San Jose

2005 Vocational Education Institute

2004 Faculty Leadership Institute

2019-2020 Meetings

Standards and Practices Committee Meeting Septembwer 23, 20121 @ 3:15pm

Norbert Bischof Faculty Freedom Fighter Award (NBFFF)

Call for 2014 Exemplary Award Applications

2014 Exemplary Award Presentation

Call for 2014 Hayward Award

Program of Study: Agriculture