Articulation and Transfer

Math and Language Sequences Descriptors

Resolved that the Academic Senate adopt the document Articulation of Math and Language Skills Sequences as amended and forward it to college instruction offices for distribution to counseling faculty for use as appropriate, and

Resolved that the Academic Senate request that the Chancellor's Office Basic Skills Advisory Committee include on a future agenda a review of the document in consultation with professional organizations, and refer recommendations for updating the document to the Executive Committee.


Whereas SB 1914 (Killea, 1994) enables cross-enrollment of students among the three higher education segments, University of California, California State University, and California Community Colleges, and

Whereas SB 1914 requires that this system of cross-enrollment be on a space-available basis for a maximum of one class each term at a maximum cost of $10 to students with no FTES generated for the class either for the home or host institution, and

Common Course Numbering

Whereas the Academic Senate supports students in their quest to facilitate transfer, and

Whereas the Academic Senate has historically supported concepts such as common course numbers, and

Whereas courses exist in the context of a major program education model (GE package) and serve as an historical record of development of an educational program and philosophical model, and

Whereas a college's integrity is contingent upon its ability to control its curriculum,

Two to Four Year Transfer Curriculum

Resolved that the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges initiate a dialogue with the California State University and the University of California Senates to develop a discipline by discipline transfer curriculum that meets lower division requirements for all state systems.
M/S/C Disposition: CSU Senate, Chancellor's Office, Executive Committee, ICAS, ICC, UC Senate

Project ASSIST

Whereas the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges has long supported quality articulation and transfer, and

Whereas Project ASSIST, which has as its goal the development of an articulation database, has so far been able to include less than 30 community colleges in that database and has been criticized for administrative and technical inefficiencies, and

Concurrent Enrollment with University of California

Whereas faculty representatives of the University of California at Riverside and several local community colleges identified incomplete sequences of courses as a major deterrent to success of transfer students, the main problems being topic sequencing and the poor meshing of semester versus quarter class scheduling, and

Whereas the only avenue currently open to community college students is taking classes through extension at the University of California campus while completing these sequences, and

Articulation with Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Whereas the value of historically black colleges and universities to the academic achievement of African American students has been recognized, and

Whereas historically black colleges and universities have provided a positive campus climate for academic and social development, and

Whereas the Academic Senate and the Chancellor's Office have supported the concept of articulation with historically black colleges and universities,

Articulation and Common Course Numbering

Whereas the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges recognizes problems community college students have moving from community college to community college (intra-system transfer) because of lack of articulation and common course numbering,

Resolved that the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges support statewide efforts to promote articulation and use of common course numbering among community colleges.
M/S/C Disposition: Board of Governors, CSU Senate, CalSACC, Chancellor's Office, Executive Committee, FACCC, Legislature, UC Senate, ICAS

CSU Remediation Proposal

Whereas the California State University Board of Trustees is considering a proposal to deny admission to students failing to pass English and Mathematics assessment tests beginning 2001, and

Whereas this proposal has the potential to cause the community colleges to fail to serve types of students they are currently serving because there is no identified source of funding to serve additional students,

California Pathways

Whereas the representatives of the Intersegmental Committee of Academic Senates have publicly applauded the granting of joint faculty project funds for projects such as California Pathways: The Second Language Student in High Schools, Colleges and Universities, and

Whereas the project identifies implications for all faculty serving ESL students, and

Whereas the project faculty have asked for ICAS endorsement of the project,


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