Consultation with the Chancellor's Office

Master Plan

Whereas, The staff of the Joint Committee to Develop a Master Plan-Kindergarten through University has given the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges a seat on only one of its seven working groups, and this in spite of promises from the staff of a seat on every group and repeated petitions by two successive Academic Senate presidents;

Whereas, The Chancellor's Office has a seat on each of the working groups of the Joint Committee to Develop a Master Plan; and

Collapsing Budget Categories

Whereas, The Chancellor has proposed that the California Community Colleges System budget be revised to collapse all System line items into a small number of general categories in order to accomplish "focus and flexibility" in the System budget, which means that the System would have the right to move funds within these very broad categories;

Full-time Faculty Positions

Whereas students benefit from taking classes from, and having extended contact with, full-time faculty who are critically involved in the educational planning and governance of a college, and

Whereas full-time faculty provide crucial continuity in planning, revising, and updating instructional offerings and educational programs, and

System Policy and the Grant Process

Whereas the Chancellor's Office develops an increasing amount of work through the grant Request for Applications (RFA) process, and the funds for the RFA process are Proposition 98 dollars, but there is no clear accounting of how much of the system budget is devoted to grants awarded by competitive bids by districts, and

Effective Consultation

Whereas the six legislative actions appended hereto (see Appendix 2) were enacted by the California Legislature starting in 1963 to delineate the academic and professional powers and responsibilities of community college faculty in order to enhance the educational interests of their students, and

Whereas many district administrators and the state Chancellor's Office continue to take actions on academic and professional matters without reasonable consultation with local senates and the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges, and

Joint Statement on Community College Governance

Whereas the Board of Governors and the California Community Colleges Trustees (CCCT) have recently forged a joint agreement that delineates roles and reaffirms the current bilateral system of governance, forwarding it to Consultation Council after the fact, and

Whereas the agreement changes previously established practices under the Education Code such as reducing the role of the Board of Governors in compliance monitoring and regulation enforcement unless a district has reached a condition of "severe difficulty," and

FII Grants

Resolved that the Academic Senate reaffirm its position that the Fund for Instructional Improvement (FII) and other Chancellor's Office grants have sign-off by the local academic senate president.

75/25 Calculations

Whereas the current computation on the full-time percentages does not include overload assignment, and

Whereas the instructional support provided to part-time faculty is minimal and rarely ensures adequate student access, and

Whereas instructional support provided to full-time faculty for overload courses is the same as that provided to part-time faculty, and

Resolved that the Academic Senate oppose any attempt to include the overload assignments of full-time faculty in computing the full-time faculty percentage.

Reporting 75/25 Data

Resolved that the Academic Senate reaffirm its position that the Chancellor's Office Management Information Systems (MIS) devise an acceptable method for reporting accurate, up-to-date and accessible 75/25 data using methodology that will be comparable for each college.

Grant Reading

Whereas faculty integrity in reading grants is assumed by such organizations as the National Science Foundation, which mails packets of proposals to faculty readers, and

Whereas this procedure, if adopted by the Chancellor's Office, would save money, and

Whereas the current procedure for reading grants does not provide enough time to consider each grant thoughtfully,


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