Library and Learning Resources

Role of Library Faculty in the California Community Colleges

Whereas library science is a recognized discipline within the Disciplines List which indicates professional education and training at the Master's level leading to appropriate library knowledge, competencies and skills, and

Whereas in the Curriculum Standards Handbook library sign-off for ascertaining adequacy of library resources, or a standard of good practice, is required for approval or credit programs and courses, and

Library Faculty In California Community College Libraries: Qualifications, Roles, and Responsibilities

Developed by the Counseling & Library Faculty Issues Committee of the Academic Senate and supported by Resolution 16.1 passed at the Fall Plenary Session of the Academic Senate, this paper was written to describe and help clarify the qualifications, roles, and responsibilities of library faculty in the California Community Colleges. It further identifies the relationship between the mission of the California Community Colleges and the Library Science discipline by addressing the areas of instruction, curriculum, governance and qualifications of the discipline.

Joint Review for Library/Learning Resources by Classroom and Library Faculty for New Courses and Programs

The curriculum approval process should include a joint review by classroom and library faculty of requirements for library/learning resource materials for the new course or new program and completion of the attached Joint Course/Program Review Worksheet and the Sign Off for New Courses or the Sign Off for New Programs. This joint review should be initiated by classroom faculty is the first step in developing the plan to provide adequate library/learning resources to support course and program objectives for the curriculum being developed.


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