State and Legislative Issues

Beer and Wine Consumption at Campus Functions

Whereas many California Community College students are returning to school after dropping out due to substance abuse are in recovery from substance abuse and have suffered from the effects of alcohol and drug abuse on families and friends, and

Whereas California Community Colleges are committed to teaching students to develop clear thinking and to make healthy choices, and

Whereas serving alcohol at school functions tacitly endorses use of intoxicating substances, and

Chancellor's Office Washington Connection

Whereas educational polices and funding are determined and influenced by both state and federal government, and

Whereas the federal government decisions may impact community colleges, and

Whereas community colleges may not have input into the federal legislative processes that affect community colleges, and

Whereas there needs to be community college toward federal decisions that affect community colleges;

Dedicated Funds for Faculty Professional Development

Whereas, AB 1725 recognized the need for dedicated funding for faculty professional development as vital to academic excellence and student success;

Whereas, Such funding was blended into the existing unfunded staff development line item;

Whereas, Such blending has led to conflict with other groups on campus for the use of such funds; and

Whereas, Such conflict has led to a dilution of funds available for faculty professional development;

Welcome Governor-elect Schwarzenegger

Whereas, Governor-elect Schwarzenegger has been duly elected in a true exercise of democracy;

Whereas, Governor-elect Schwarzenegger is himself a former community college student; and

Whereas, Governor-elect Schwarzenegger showed a welcome high regard for education in his election campaign;

Opposition to Legislation that Erodes Academic Senate Responsibilities

Whereas, Education Code 70901(b)(1)(E) directs the Board of Governors of the California Community Colleges to include in its minimum standards..standards governing procedures established by governing boards of community college districts to ensure.the right of academic senates to assume primary responsibility for making recommendations in the areas of curriculum and academic standards and Education Code 70902 (b)(7) directs community college governing boards to establish procedures that ensure "the right of local academic senates to assume primary responsibility for making recommendations i

Higher Education Priorities and Curriculum Decisions

Whereas, The Legislature has shown an increasing interest in local curriculum issues in such venues as the recent Master Plan hearings and Assembly Higher Education Committee hearings and in public declarations of its intention to fund its own defined state educational priorities;

Whereas, The 2003-04 Budget Act contains language requiring the Board of Governors to accord the highest budgetary priorities to certain specified curriculum areas; and

Academic Freedom

Whereas, The California Legislature has directed the California Community Colleges Board of Governors to recognize the Academic Senate as the primary academic authority on most of the professional and academic matters addressed in SB 1335;

Whereas, The California Community College system is organized on the basis of local district control over the matters addressed in SB 1335; and

Academic Freedom

Whereas, The Academic Bill of Rights is not only redundant but, ironically, also infringes on academic freedom in the very act of purporting to protect it;

Whereas, A fundamental premise of academic freedom is that decisions concerning the quality and content of scholarship and teaching are to be made by reference to the standards of the academic profession, as interpreted and applied by the community of scholars qualified by expertise and training to establish such standards, and not by political standards;

Fee Increases

Whereas, The Academic Senate for California Community Colleges has a long-standing position opposing fees for community college students;

Whereas, There are those who advocate raising community college fees to $26 per unit because that would allow a few students to gain eligibility to fully-funded Pell Grants; and

Whereas, The vast majority of community college students would not be eligible for Pell Grants and would be severely hampered in gaining a community college education by an increased expense that would restrict access;

Differential Fee for Bachelors Degree Holders

Whereas, California Community College fees have increased 64%, from $11 to $18 per unit, and there is a proposal to raise them another 44% to $26 per unit, percentage increases far in excess of those proposed for the California State University (CSU) and University of California (UC) systems;


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