State and Legislative Issues

Opposition to SB 1399

Whereas instructors are professional educators concerned with the success of each student, and

Whereas in consultation with peers in their discipline, instructors are capable of selecting appropriate materials to assist with this success, and

Whereas instructors are recognized for publications and other educational materials which enrich the class atmosphere and satisfy course objectives,

Opposition to SB 1399

Whereas there has recently been legislation proposed that would inhibit academic freedom (SB 1399), and

Whereas the Academic Senate of the California State Universities has

Resolved to oppose the language of SB 1399 (Appendix B), and

Whereas it is our understanding that the bill has been withdrawn by the author after dialogue with the Academic Senates of CSU and California Community Colleges,

AB444 and AB726 Charter Colleges

Whereas the California Community College system is the largest college system in the world, and

Whereas the governance of California Community Colleges has and continues to be a complex process of cultures that include the Board of Governors, the Council of Faculty Organizations, the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges, the Chief Executive Officers of the California Community Colleges, the Chief Instructional Officers of the California Community Colleges, and other groups, and


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