Student Leadership Action Plan

Whereas, Leadership is essential to the success of a democratic society; and

Whereas, The power of leadership is best developed through a cross-disciplinary approach;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate develop an action plan for exploring and developing academically-based student leadership programs in California community colleges. MSC Disposition: Local Senates, Student Senate

Student Fees

Whereas, The California Master Plan for Education recommendations 50, 50.1 and 50.2 call for the Legislature and Governor to formally study the possibility of increasing student fees at California community colleges;

Whereas, California Community Colleges have historically opposed any recommendations to increase student fees;

Whereas, These increased fees do not become part of the general fund of the local college, but instead go directly into the state general fund as supplemental monies to the overall state budget; and

Opposition to Mandatory FAFSA for BOGW students

Whereas, The Board of Governors Waiver (BOGW) and the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) programs are two separate and distinct programs designed for different purposes;

Whereas, The length and complexity of the FAFSA document would serve as a barrier for many low-income students; and

Whereas, The "Guidelines for Colleges Desiring to Require a FAFSA" are in direct opposition to the mission of the California Community Colleges, which holds dear the principle of open access;

Requirement of Student Workers to Take Specific Classes

Whereas, AB 1725 gives the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges the right and obligation to oversee all curricular matters;

Whereas, The requirement for student enrollment in any class is a curricular matter; and

Whereas, Students should not face unnecessary obstacles to achieving their educational goals in a timely manner;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate oppose the imposition of mandated requirements for student workers without collegial consultation with the academic senate.

Student Member to the Board of Governors

Whereas the California Student Association of Community Colleges (CalSACC) is sponsoring SB 1347, and

Whereas the California community colleges remain the only entity of higher education in the state with only one student member on its governing board, and

Whereas organizations within the community college family are trying to amend the bill to delete the language that would allow the students to nominate their members,

Resolved that the Academic Senate reaffirm its support of SB 1347 (as of April2000), and

Student Government Advisors

Whereas students need to be able to express themselves without fear of repercussion, and

Whereas students need advisors who will not be fearful of losing their jobs if they support the students when the administration disagrees,

Resolved that the Academic Senate reaffirm its position that all student government advisors should be tenured faculty.

Textbook Grants

Whereas the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges has always supported removal of barriers to student access and success, and

Whereas the average cost per year of community college textbooks is $861, thus creating a barrier to access and success for low income students, and

Whereas AB 2496 (Washington) provides that students receiving Board of Governors' fee waivers will also receive grants for textbooks,

Academic Senate and CalSACC Joint Issues Working Group

Whereas California community college students have repeatedly expressed a range of frustrations with the diversity of course numbering throughout the California Community College system, with difficulties encountered in taking courses from more than one community college in order to package them for successful transfer, with transferring from community colleges to four-year institutions, and with understanding the relationship between courses at different institutions,

Loan Forgiveness

Whereas faculty in K-12 as well as in the California State University system currently can arrange for loan forgiveness for some educational loans for subsequently teaching in those two segments of public education, and

Whereas opportunities for a wider range of students to pursue higher education and become community college faculty would be enhanced by such educational loan forgiveness for community college teaching,

IRS Ruling

Whereas recent IRS policy discourages colleges from employing their own students and reduces the opportunity for students to gain the benefit of work experience, and

Whereas colleges are not required to pay social security taxes on student hourly wages, and these contributions are not withheld from student hourly checks, and

Whereas a recent IRS ruling has defined a student's status for the exemption to be a minimum of 12 units, and


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