Faculty Hiring: 75:25 Ratio

Whereas AB 1725 intended that each California community college district achieve a full-time/part-time faculty ratio of 75:25, and

Whereas after 10 years many districts have not yet achieved this ratio, with some districts still very far from this goal, and

Whereas the 75:25 ratio is in the best interest of students, faculty and the quality of education, and

Alternative Funding Mechanisms

Whereas current community college funding does not permit alternate calendars which encourage optimum curriculum design, and

Whereas current community college funding based on the 525 hours is a hold over from the K-12 model and does not correspond with the university/college model, and

Whereas current community college funding is based on student seat time rather than a learner centered technology mediated instructional model,

Faculty and Budget Development

Whereas AB 1725 has provided local academic senates with legal responsibilities that include a responsibility for participation in institutional planning and budget development, and

Whereas districts and colleges have large budgets, decisions about which are often decided without an established and stipulated process that includes faculty participation in the establishment of priorities, criteria, and budgetary determinations,

CAN - Articulation

Whereas the California Articulation Number (CAN) system serves students by articulating undergraduate courses, and

Whereas the CAN Council plans to expand the current number of courses,

Resolved that the Academic Senate support the CAN Council proposal to expand in the following areas by listing courses as:
1) lower division courses required for major preparation
2) lower division baccalaureate level elective courses commonly used in majors,
3) other intersegmental courses that count for lower division preparation.

Systemwide Anti-discrimination Statement Change

Whereas the CSU and UC systems have anti-discrimination statements that include the words "sexual orientation," and

Whereas the California community college system's anti-discrimination statement does not include the words "sexual orientation,"

Resolved that the Academic Senate urge the Board of Governors to work with the legislature to add the words "sexual orientation" to the anti-discrimination statement for the California community college system.

Cooperative Work Experience Education

Whereas Federal Welfare Reform, the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunities Act, Public Law 104-193, requires the participants to work 20 hours a week, and

Whereas there is a need for short-term, flexible employment training programs for students, and

Whereas Cooperative Work Experience Education needs to maintain its viability as an economic development function of the community college delivery system, and

Vocational Education and Staff Development Funds

Whereas the staff development funds are available to all colleges, and

Whereas the distribution of staff development funds is dependent on the composition of staff development committees, and

Whereas vocational faculty must maintain their expertise and stay current in their fields by attending workshops and conferences,

Resolved that the Academic Senate urge local senates to encourage vocational faculty to be actively involved on their campus staff development committee.

Internet and Career Center Access

Whereas the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges is to conduct a Statewide survey on Internet access for career centers, and

Whereas students enrolled in vocational education and non-vocational classes and programs need the latest information trends and developments in industries easily accessible to them through the Internet, and

Whereas Internet provides many sources of career information, job announcements, and profiles of industry that all students in colleges should have free access to,

Gender Equity in Athletics

Whereas the Academic Senate in resolution 3.04 Spring 1994 supported gender equity in athletics, and

Whereas it has been 25 years since the Congress adopted Title IX in 1972, and

Whereas there are still, after 25 years, compliance issues regarding Title IX in California community colleges, and

Whereas there is a Community College Commission on Athletics,

Resolved that the Academic Senate reaffirm its commitment to gender equity in athletics and to Title IX, and

Financial Support of Student Senate

Whereas students are guaranteed a right to effective participation in issues regarding academic matters at the college level, and that voice deserves adequate support Statewide, and

Whereas the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges has a long history of support (first resolution: Fall 1969) of student participation in local and State community college governance, and

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