Academic Senate Foundation: Fall Session Fundraising Update

President, Academic Senate Foundation

The Academic Senate Foundation ended 2013 on a high note at our fall Plenary Session by raising over $5000.  Donations came from the purchase of Area Competition raffle tickets as well as t-shirts and lanyards, often at contributions well above the suggested amounts. The Area Competition is in its second year and is quickly establishing itself as the most successful fundraising event for the Foundation to date. In part, we may attribute this year’s success to the prizes which included a grand prize of paid registration to all 2014 Academic Senate events, a second prize of paid registration for spring and fall plenary session, and a third prize of paid registration for two Academic Senate institutes. The following lucky individuals won the raffle prizes: Grand Prize winner - Adrienne Foster, West Los Angeles College; second Place Prize winner - Erik Kaljumagi, Mt. San Antonio College; and third Place Prize winner - Dolores Davison, Foothill College. Although the lure of wonderful prizes was a factor in the amount of money raised, much of the raffle’s success must be attributed to the competitive spirit among Areas A, B, C, and D. This year Area D took home the coveted Monkey Trophy but we suspect the other Areas are already plotting a winning strategy for next year.

Donating during our plenary sessions and institutes is important but it is by no means the only way our supporters show their commitment. Generosity comes in many forms. This past year individuals have quietly donated what amounts to a substantial amount of money, time, and effort to the success of the Foundation. We have supporters who have purchased cases of wine for the Foundation receptions as well as others who donated their ASCCC expense reimbursements from their work on Senate committees and task forces. Some individuals have honored current and past Senate leaders by creating commemorative scholarships or by joining the Leadership Circle of Benefactors through substantial donations. Many of our supporters contributed time and effort by pouring wine at our receptions, staffing the Foundation table at events, or driving 45 minutes through LA area traffic to deliver a monkey trophy so that the winner of the Area Competition didn’t go home empty handed.  Most recently, more and more of our C-ID Course Outline of Record Evaluators are donating their stipends to the Foundation. For all of our supporters we are deeply grateful.

All contributions are incredibly important. As our mission statement articulates, the purpose of the Foundation “is to enhance the excellence of the California community colleges by sustained support for the professional development of the faculty in the furtherance of effective teaching and learning practices.”  From the beginning, we have relied upon the generosity of our supporters to further the work of the Foundation. Your donation, as part of an important fundraising effort, assists in the fulfillment of our commitment to creating a sustainable environment that allows the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges to continue its work by supporting faculty leaders, empowering faculty, and acting as the voice for faculty in our system.

It is your donation that supports our Senate values of leadership, empowerment, and voice by sponsoring speakers at our plenary sessions and institutes, offering recognition to the wonderful work that faculty are doing at our colleges, and providing an opportunity for part time faculty to attend professional development events. The latter activity is particularly important; professional development is the cornerstone of excellence and the Foundation has made a commitment to provide monetary support so that all faculty may benefit.

The Academic Senate Foundation is committed to the faculty and students of the California Community Colleges. We believe that what we do improves teaching and learning, advances the profession, and ultimately enriches the lives of students. We would be unable to continue this important work without generous contributions from individuals like you. With your continued support we can do even more.

We have created a number of opportunities for you to show your support for your colleagues and your professional organization. Our Leadership Circle of Benefactors provides a unique opportunity to recognize those individuals who have shown an extraordinary commitment to ensure the participation of faculty in state governance. Show your commitment to the work of the Foundation with a donation of $300, or more, or offer the contribution as a tribute to a colleague or friend. For those who would like to provide sustained support, our “10+1” campaign invites you to pledge at least $11 on a monthly basis. This “evergreen” donation comes with a guarantee that when you receive the monthly email notice of your contribution you will feel good knowing you have done your part to support your colleagues through this important organization.

Please take a moment to show your commitment to your colleagues and friends by supporting the work of the Academic Senate Foundation. Contribute today. Thank you.

More information as well as the opportunity to give may be found on the Academic Senate Foundation website at The Academic Senate Foundation is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization. Donations are tax-deductible.