Chancellor Nussbaum Asked to Take the Lead in Diversity Statement


The Chair of the Senate's Affirmative Action/Cultural Diversity Committee, Edith Conn, is also a member of the Chancellor's Task Force on Faculty and Staff Diversity and Development. The Task Force at its San Diego retreat in November l997 asked that a letter be sent to Chancellor Nussbaum asking that he "make a public statement stressing the continued need for encouraging equity/equality in the teaching and learning of students and hiring, developing and promoting of faculty and staff in the community college system." The letter continues by saying that the Task Force "believes it is important for you (the chancellor) to go beyond interpreting what the courts have said and provide leadership on this topic at this critical time." The Task Force met with Chancellor Nussbaum at its October 27, l997 meeting in Sacramento and is hoping that a statement in support of diversity will come from the Chancellor as well as the Board of Governors. The November l2-l3 Board of Governors Agenda item 6.3 stated that "it is expected that the concept of a comprehensive system response with both policy and resource commitments will be submitted through a Consultation Digest into the Consultation Process."