Current Disciplines List Revision Proposals

Standards & Practices Committee Chair
Santa Rosa Junior College

The ASCCC Standards and Practices Committee works to adhere to the Disciplines List revision process to allow faculty to exercise their authority in establishing minimum qualifications. Two proposed changes to the Disciplines List have been in the process in 2019-20: a proposal to revise the minimum qualifications for film studies and a proposal to create a new discipline, registered behavior technology. These proposals were received, reviewed, and summarized to local academic senates in advance of the October 2019 area meetings, after which they received a first hearing at the 2019 Fall Plenary Session. During the hearing, testimony from attendees was collected by members of the Standards and Practices committee, and the feedback was given to the initiators of the proposals. In January of 2020, the ASCCC Executive Committee reviewed the proposals, evidence and testimony to ensure that the process had been followed and that the proposals had sufficient evidence to advance to a second hearing, deliberation, and possible approval. The Executive Committee voted to forward the registered behavior technician submission for a second hearing and to return the film studies submission to its proposer with suggestions to further refine the submission and submit it again to a future disciplines list revisions cycle.

The second hearing for the proposal of registered behavior technician will be held during the 2020 Spring Plenary Session on April 16 at the Oakland Marriott City Center from 5:30 to 6:30 P.M. Members of the Standards and Practices Committee will facilitate the hearing, which is an opportunity for attendees to ask any clarifying questions and engage in discussion. As the Disciplines List Revision Handbook states, “The hearing that coincides with voting on the resolutions to adopt Disciplines List Revisions is for the sole purpose of clarifying and discussing the final proposals to inform Saturday’s discussion and debate.” On Saturday, April 18, the proposed revision to the Disciplines List, after having undergone two hearings, will be put before the delegates from local academic senates for debate and action as part of the spring plenary session. The proposal will be considered in the form of a resolution. Delegates must understand that resolutions recommending changes to the Disciplines List cannot be amended; they must simply be voted up or down. For this reason, delegates should inform the local faculty whom they represent of the proposed revisions to the Disciplines List so that the delegates may act according to the will of their own colleges when debating and voting on the proposals.

As noted in the Disciplines List Revisions Proposals Summary that was sent to local academic senates in October, the proposed change is as follows:

Registered Behavior Technology (New Discipline Proposal)

Proposed Minimum Qualifications:
Master’s in behavior analysis, education, or psychology
the equivalent
certification as a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) as set by the Behavior Analyst Certification
Board (BACB).

The rationale for the proposal is included in the Disciplines List Revisions Proposals Summary, which is available at…