Curriculum Committee Papers Adopted

Representative at Large

Two papers, "Stylistic Considerations in Writing Course Outlines of Record" and "Good Practices for Course Approval Processes" were adopted at the Spring, 1998 Session. The paper on stylistic considerations included these topics: writing the catalog and course descriptions, stating the goals and justifications for the proposed new course such as degree, general education and transfer functions served by the course, and listing the learning outcomes expected of students. In regard to the student learning outcomes, the paper included lists of action verbs describing cognitive outcomes and emphasized inclusion of critical thinking skills such as analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. Faculty are encouraged to link and integrate course content, methods of instruction, assignments and evaluation when writing up new courses.

The paper on good practices for course approval included strategies for dealing with courses that meet urgent needs for timely response to changing demands in the field, e.g., new skills, new licensing requirements, emerging vocational programs, CalWORKS programs, etc. Strategies to meet these needs include experimental classes, special topics, or independent studies courses. Although this paper makes recommendations on how faculty can respond to imminent needs, the curriculum process must still retain a commitment to quality and follow the policies and procedures that fall within the purview of the academic senate.