Faculty Leadership Institute: 2007 - Prevention, Treatment, and Recovery - Keeping Local Senates Healthy

Local Senates Chair

This year's Faculty Leadership Institute will be held from June 14-16, 2007, at Hayes Mansion Hotel in San Jose. This year's Institute will be infused with a medical theme, just to make things interesting. Whether you are a medical student, an intern, or a resident, you are sure to gain something to help you to improve the health of your local senate. This Institute is designed for your current or developing local senate leaders, providing them with the knowledge they need to be effective leaders. Some of our tentative breakout titles will give you a hint of what will be covered -"The Brown Act and You-Avoiding Malpractice", "Using Senate Resources and Papers-Developing Your Personal PDR", "Developing Faculty Participation and Leadership-A Spoon Full of Sugar", "Building Senate-Union Alliances-Avoiding Rashes", "Accreditation and You-Developing Local Processes for Self-healing". Like all our events, there will be ample opportunity for networking. While some campuses have a positive climate with senates working cooperatively and effectively, others face seemingly insurmountable challenges. We hope to assist you in conducting some triage, if you are amongst those suffering the ailments that local senates often encounter, such as apathetic faculty, micromanagement by boards or administration, and ineffective policies, or provide you with a chance to share your local practices that aid in maintaining a healthy glow, if you are so fortunate to be flourishing in this manner. The purpose of this Institute is to provide you with the information you need to lead your local senate to wellness. Be sure to register soon, as space is limited.