Faculty Leadership Institute, Legislative Pre-Session, and Liaisons

ASCCC Vice President

Academic senate presidents are often confronted with challenges and issues that require knowledge of the role of the senate, historical context for how the community college system operates, and the nuances of interpersonal relationships.   Often, they are the voting delegates at plenary sessions where the voice of faculty across the state is expressed on a variety of topics that may or may not be familiar from their other roles at the college.  The ASCCC Faculty Leadership Institute is intended for senate leaders who need to learn or refresh their knowledge about the 10+1 and develop leadership skills to help their colleges best serve students.  The 2017 Faculty Leadership Institute will be held in Sacramento June 15-17; registration information can be found at  http://asccc.org/events/2017-06-15-180000-2017-06-17-200000/2017-faculty-leadership-institute.

In connection with the institute, the ASCCC’s Legislative and Advocacy Committee is sponsoring a pre-session on Wednesday, June 14, the day before the institute beings, regarding the role of the senate in legislative advocacy both at the system and local levels.  The pre-session will take place in the same location as the Faculty Leadership Institute and is free to registered legislative liaisons and Leadership Institute attendees.  This event is an opportunity for senate presidents to do something all leaders need to do – delegate.  All senate presidents are encouraged to bring a legislative liaison with them to the institute. 

Legislative liaisons can be registered with an email from the senate president to info [at] asccc.org (info[at]asccc[dot]org) with the liaison’s name, college, position, and email address.  Liaisons have three primary duties: 

  • Sign up for the legislative liaison listserv at legliaison [at] listserv.cccnext.net (legliaison[at]listserv[dot]cccnext[dot]net),
  • Review the Legislative Update page, particularly the reports attached at the bottom of the page, at http://www.asccc.org/legislative-updates, and
  • Report to their local senates about legislative activity.

Building the connections between the ASCCC and local senates regarding legislation and advocacy is important, as through these connections the voice of faculty across the state is more fully protected and heard.  Watch for the update the Legislative and Advocacy Committee is preparing for the Spring Plenary session.