Guided Pathways Webinar - What Can ASCCC Do for Your Campus Guided Pathways Efforts?


During this webinar, learn how ASCCC Guided Pathways Taskforce can help you design and implement strategies specific to your college’s needs. Guided Pathways Resource Teams (GPRTs) are available to provide support to local academic senates for implementation of guided pathways at NO cost to local academic senates. Requests can be customized and adapted to the needs of each college’s culture, mission, and student population. The Online Guided Pathways Handbook provides content, research and activities that you can explore and modify to use at your college such as mapping onboarding, developing meta majors, using governance to implement sustainable change, Guided Pathways Counseling, Guided Self Placement and more. Our GP liaisons provide a direct connection at each college to the latest information. Take advantage of our free support and resources designed to make Guided Pathways implementation dynamic and smooth for your campus.

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