An Institute of Intrigue

Curriculum Committee Chair

On a warm and sultry summer morning in the predawn hours, a breakfast flock of pelicans gently wings its way across the bogs and southwestern shore of the San Francisco bay. They glide in the still air on a convoluted wandering path among the towering concrete slabs of Redwood City's high tech companies painting a scene of majestic serenity. At the same time a non-descript white van departs the suburbs of Sacramento loaded with heavy and mysterious boxes, seemingly on a mission of unknown, but potentially nefarious deeds. As well, airliners line up into formation as they make their way northwestwards down the bleak final approach path into that cataclysm of aluminum, jet fuel, baggage and bodies known as San Francisco International. Inside a few of these aluminum behemoths reside highly-trained agents, fully prepared for the unknown, as the stage begins to be set upon the northern conference foyer of the Sofitel Luxury Hotel.

Deep within this murky venue lies many highly valued secrets and precious treasures, all lying about gleaming brightly for the mere adventurer to snatch up. But, to those reading this, beware of the dangerous predicament you now face for having picked up this particular edition of the Rostrum. The dire events just described are soon to become real. The swirling mysteries of the cosmos are now quickly aligning for what appears to be an event of life-changing proportions. For those who step onto this galactic conveyor belt and in fact snatch at a few of these precious jewels, you will be forever changed. You will become empowered; you will become more than a mere committee member; you will be transformed into a Jedi Curriculum Master. So, the question remains, do you dare to enter into this lost but sacred vestibule, known only by a few privileged souls as the 2008 Curriculum Institute?

For those with the courage to persist, you will be subjected to career-changing events such as surviving updates on the many new regulations appearing in the dusty, cobweb- filled halls of Sacramento or swim-slogging your way through the misty swamps of Stand-Alone Training. Down into the dungeons you will go where the hordes are tortured with outline integration, prerequisite scrutiny and methods, methods, methods.. Yet, through rigorous attention to disciplines (pun intended) you will be transformed into a noble Raider of the Curriculum Ark.

Adventure Park Disclaimer: This adventure is intended for and open to all community college children and employees who regularly work within curriculum approval processes, be they faculty, staff, or administrators. There are adventure packages available for one-, two- or three-day attendees. If you are below the age of seven you must be accompanied by a colleague. The Park assumes no responsibility for lost or perishable items or any misadventures you get yourself into after your stay with us. Attendance at the last general session at the Curriculum Institute meets the compliance mandate for stand-alone course training. Please consume empowering products responsibly.