Institutes "R" Us


As summer approaches, the Academic Senate is working on several training experiences for faculty and others. These summer institutes are a valuable service provided by the Academic Senate and, we hope, at least one of these opportunities may interest you-yes, YOU, not just your senate president! On tap are the Faculty Leadership Institute, the Student Leadership Institute, the Technology in Teaching Institute and the Curriculum Institute. Details on all these institutes will be available on our web site as they develop.

The Faculty Leadership Institute is approaching its ten year mark. Intended for new and emerging local senate leaders, it provides in-depth training and experiential learning all the way from principles of leadership to the nuts-and-bolts of everyday operation of a local senate. This year's institute will be June 24-27 in San Diego and is designed for 50 participants. Cocoordinators are Nancy Silva and Dennis Smith.

The Technology in Teaching Institute is in its second year and is co-sponsored by the @ONE faculty technology training project, a grant spearheaded by De Anza College. This five day intensive training is a hands-on experience in how to use technology in teaching. Held at CSU Monterey Bay from June 14-18, five different tracks are featured, each in a separate computer lab at CSUMB. The tracks include: 1) introductory word processing and related skills, 2) multimedia including scanning and image manipulation, 3) basic web page design for the purpose of using the web to support classroombased instruction, 4) design of online courses-from curriculum development to software applications, and 5) a train-the-trainers experience for those faculty with the responsibility of training other faculty in technology at their college. Approximately 100 participants can be accommodated. Co-coordinators are Ric Matthews and Ian Walton.

The Student Leadership Institute is a joint project of the Student Senate, the Academic Senate, the Community College League, and the CCC Student Advisors Association. The institute is designed for student leaders, accompanied by their advisors, to develop and enhance individual leadership skills. The event will also be held at CSU Monterey Bay and begins Sunday evening, June 7th, with a dinner and ice breaker and ends just before lunch on Wednesday the 9th. The emphasis will be on characteristics such as advocacy, relationships, communications, ethics, and team building. The program design is built on experiential learning through activities such as role playing, situational analysis, group projects, values clarification, leadership style identification, and guided discussions. All four organizations will be contributing to the facilitation of the institute, which is designed for approximately 100 participants, and is quite reasonably priced at only $250 (which includes room and board-double occupancy in a dorm room!). Collaborating are David Wilkinson of the Student Senate, Cindra Smith of CCLC, Doug Barr of CCCSAA, and our own Nancy Silva.

The Curriculum Institute will be held July 28-30 at the Disneyland Hotel. (No, that doesn't mean that we have Mickey Mouse courses!) The institute is designed for college teams consisting of the CIO, faculty Curriculum Committee chair, and others involved in the development and approval of courses and programs. Teams will be asked to bring curriculum material to share with other college teams in groups who will work together under the guidance of a facilitator. In addition to study sessions on curriculum standards and practices, groups of college teams will share their work products and local practices, spreading the use of good practices and doing collaborative problem-solving on areas of individual college curriculum difficulties. In depth sessions will be held on hot topics such as technology mediated instruction, the articulation process, use of prerequisites, and the rapid response to emerging changes in vocational education. The institute is designed for about 60 participants and is a joint effort of the Academic Senate and the CIOs. Chancellor's Office staff will assist in the facilitation as well. Co-coordinators are John Nixon, CIO at Santa Ana College, and our own Beverly Shue.