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The Academic Senate for California Community College (ASCCC) Professional Development College Leadership Academy is intended for future California Community College faculty leaders so only current senate leaders or those who will become a senate leader within two years of attending the Academy can qualify participate in the academy. Participants in the Academy will explore various academic and professional leadership topics using cohort and mentoring models.

At the successful conclusion of the Academy, graduates will be able to:

  1.  explain the process of transitioning into the role of a faculty leader, 
  2.  articulate the importance of and approaches to succession planning, 
  3.  discuss the roles of laws and regulations in the governance of the colleges,
  4. run effective meetings, 
  5. describe the ASCCC resolution processes and the process employed at his or her college, 
  6. explain his or her local procedure and policy development process,
  7. demonstrate a familiarity with academic senate resources and positions, and 
  8. adapt to the many hats worn by the faculty leaders as they managing themselves and others in a changing organization.

In order to successfully graduate from the ASCCC Professional Development College Leadership Academy the following is required:

1.Attendance at:
a.The Faculty Leadership Institute
b.Area Meetings
c.Fall and Spring Plenary Sessions (all three days, including Saturday resolution voting)
d.One other ASCCC institute or similar event (Research and Planning Conference, League for Innovation in the Community College Conference, CCLC conference, etc. Note: costs for non-ASCCC events are not included in the $2,000 fee.)
e.Subsequent Faculty Leadership Institute
f.Local board, Board of Governors, or Consultation Council meeting
g.One ASCCC Executive Committee meeting

2.Assessments of each of the above (minimum of 2 pages) reflecting on the events and specifics learned;
3.Participation in a discussion board with fellow cohort members as well as members of the Executive Committee and mentors;
4.Regular contact with the participant’s mentor;
5.Participation in four check-in webinars;
6.Composition of a Rostrum article regarding the participant’s experience in some aspect of the Academy;
7.Completion of survey at conclusion of Academy, as well as surveys after each ASCCC statewide event attended.

NOTE:  The above contract will be completed once a mentor has been assigned.