Local Senates

Vice President

If you don't know much about the Relations with Local Senates Committee, you soon will. Our members are busy this spring with three projects having direct bearing on your local academic senate.

First, a committee member or an Executive Committee member will be contacting you soon to establish a date to meet on your campus with your senate, your officers, and other interested faculty. We hope to visit each community college campus to learn of your successful ventures and your concerns or local issues. We hope to exchange information-to provide you with alerts and reminders in keeping with adopted resolutions, and to secure from you model documents and data of use to the Academic Senate and its various committees. If you are particularly eager to have someone visit your campus soon and wish more information, please Email the Local Senate Committee Chair and Academic Senate Vice President, Kate Clark at kclark [at] ivc.cc.ca.us.

Second, the committee is finalizing a revisions of handbook previewed at the Fall 2001 plenary session breakout. That document, much updated and reorganized, will be considered fro adoption at this spring plenary session. Watch for the session materials to arrive in March for your preview copy.

Finally, the committee is working with the Academic Senate's office to create a Leadership page, much like other web pages available from the Academic Senate's website at https://asccc.org. This page will ultimately contain links-internal and external-to materials and resources of particular use to local senate officers. If there are particular features you would to have readily accessible, we welcome your suggestions. Our committee looks forward to meeting each of you in the coming months!