Nominations to the Board of Governors


Community college faculty have two representatives on the state Board of Governors which makes policy for colleges much like the local board of trustees makes policy for local districts.

The Academic Senate recommends faculty to the Governor for appointment to the Board of Governors and must send at least three candidates forward for each open position.

The Senate annually calls for nominations of colleagues to the Board of Governors faculty positions. Former senate presidents, accreditation leaders, faculty serving locally as trustees, and faculty with a perspective of statewide issues are all excellent choices to recommend. An individual or senate may nominate someone, and the Senate has a candidate review process that can be found at

Please consider the qualifications and talents of the faculty you know and speak with them about service at the state level on the Board of Governors.

Applications are due October 31, 2011.

For more information about the Board of Governors, visit the CCC Chancellor’s Office website at