The Treasures of Sacramento


Greetings from the Treasurer. At each plenary session I provide the delegates and attendees with a report of the financial activities and condition of the Academic Senate for California's Community Colleges. The scope of the financial reports is generally limited to quantitative facts about past cash flows, future obligations, current fund balances, and the cost value of the Senate's assets. These reports do not tell the entire story. The most valuable assets in the Senate's treasury are not included in the financial reports at all.

There are three lustrous jewels in our Sacramento Office whose value is immeasurable. These gems aren't rubies, emeralds, or diamonds. They are more precious. Our jewels are Julie Adams, Shelly Abe, and Suzanne Scheller. These women provide the answers to our questions when we ask them and the documents when we need them. They are essential to the success of the sessions, the institutes, the workshops, the committees, the legislative analysis, the publications, and everything else the Academic Senate does. More importantly, they provide the human warmth that local senate leaders need when you contact the Sacramento Office for assistance or information.

Have you telephoned the Sacramento Office of the Academic Senate lately? If so, Suzanne Scheller has either answered your question, dispatched your call to the appropriate person, or taken your message. In less than one year, Suzanne has become an integral member of the Sacramento Office team. We welcome Suzanne who joined us when we discontinued the services of our outside accountant and then promoted Shelly Abe to the position of administrative assistant.

Shelly is brilliant. She exemplifies everything that has always amazed us all about so many community college students. Shelly is a full-time student, a loving single parent of a beautiful daughter, and all the while, is an extremely capable, dependable, good-natured, office team member for the Academic Senate. My own Sacramento City College recognized Shelly as one of our Outstanding Women Students at her graduation in May. Well done Shelly!

Congratulations are also in order for Julie Adams. Julie, the Hope Diamond of the Sacramento gems, is being awarded a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resource Management from CSU Sacramento. She will be entering a graduate program in the fall. Julie is the energy, the intellect, the heart, and the leadership of the Sacramento Office team. If you've attended any Academic Senate session, institute, or workshop in recent years then you've seen Julie at work. What most don't see, however, is the incredible array of behind the scenes activities that Julie orchestrates every day in order to facilitate all the work that is done by the Academic Senate. To Julie's two teenaged children and her husband who share her with us, we are grateful. End of Treasurer's Report.