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Title Session Year Category
Staff Diversity Funds Spring 1996 Faculty Development
Appeal for Resolution Process Spring 1996 Academic Senate
Program Review Advice Spring 1996 Academic Senate
Faculty Mentoring Model Spring 1996 Faculty Development
Encouragement of Students to Become Faculty Spring 1996 Faculty Development
Research Positions for Academic Senate Spring 1996 Academic Senate
Process for Revision of Education Code Spring 1998 State and Legislative Issues
Committee Participation in Academic Senate Fall 2006 Academic Senate
Using Data to Promote Equity and Diversity at the Program Level Fall 2006 Equity and Diversity
Amend Resolution 3.02 Fall 2006 Equity and Diversity
Financial Impact of Changes to Title 5, Math and English Graduation Requirements Fall 2006 Curriculum
Religious Invocations at College Events Fall 2006 General Concerns
Noncredit Name Change Fall 2006 General Concerns
Grading, Student Equity, and Developing Senate Guidelines Fall 2006 Grading
Adopt the 2015-2018 ASCCC Strategic Plan Spring 2015 Academic Senate
Update the Paper Textbook Issues: Economic Pressures and Academic Values Spring 2015 Library and Learning Resources
LGBT MIS Data Collection and Dissemination Fall 2015 Consultation with the Chancellor's Office
Economic Workforce Development (EWD) Program Evaluation Fall 2015 Consultation with the Chancellor's Office
Review of Chancellor’s Office Oversight of Initiatives Fall 2015 Consultation with the Chancellor's Office
Minimum Qualifications for Instruction of Upper Division Courses at the California Community Colleges Fall 2015 Disciplines List
Addition of Course Identification Numbers (C-ID) to College Catalogs and Student Transcripts Fall 2015 General Concerns
Opposition to Compensation for Adoption of Open Educational Resources Fall 2015 General Concerns
Faculty Participation and Leadership in CTE Regional Consortia Fall 2015 General Concerns
Condolences for Colleges and Universities Affected By Violence Fall 2015 General Concerns
Adoption of Statement on Competencies in the Natural Sciences Fall 2015 Intersegmental Issues



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