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Acknowledge Extended Opportunity Programs and Services’ 50 Years of Student Success Fall 2019 Diversity and Equity
Addition of Course Identification Numbers (C-ID) to College Catalogs and Student Transcripts Fall 2015 General Concerns
Adopt the 2015-2018 ASCCC Strategic Plan Spring 2015 Academic Senate
Adopt the 2018-2023 ASCCC Strategic Plan Spring 2018 Academic Senate
Adopt the Guided Pathways Glossary of Terms Fall 2018 Academic Senate
Adoption of Statement on Competencies in the Natural Sciences Fall 2015 Intersegmental Issues
Amend Resolution 3.02 Fall 2006 Equity and Diversity
Amend Resolution 5.03 F19 Fall 2019 Budget and Finance
Appeal for Resolution Process Spring 1996 Academic Senate
Asserting Faculty Primacy in Teaching Modality Spring 2021 Curriculum
Assess How Alignment of Timeframes for AB 705 (Irwin, 2017) and the Student Centered Funding Formula for ESL Students Inequitably Impact Funding for Colleges Serving High Percentages of ESL Students Fall 2019 Budget and Finance
Committee Participation in Academic Senate Fall 2006 Academic Senate
Condolences for Colleges and Universities Affected By Violence Fall 2015 General Concerns
Convene the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office Assessment Committee for Credit English as a Second Language (ESL) Fall 2019 Consultation with the Chancellor's Office
Counseling Faculty and the 50% Law Fall 2020 Counseling
Denounce Anti-Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Racism Spring 2021 Diversity and Equity
Economic Workforce Development (EWD) Program Evaluation Fall 2015 Consultation with the Chancellor's Office
Encouragement of Students to Become Faculty Spring 1996 Faculty Development
Faculty Mentoring Model Spring 1996 Faculty Development
Faculty Participation and Leadership in CTE Regional Consortia Fall 2015 General Concerns
Financial Impact of Changes to Title 5, Math and English Graduation Requirements Fall 2006 Curriculum
Grading, Student Equity, and Developing Senate Guidelines Fall 2006 Grading
Include Credit English as a Second Language (ESL) Courses Equivalent to Transfer-Level English in the Student Centered Funding Formula Fall 2019 Budget and Finance
Include Credit English as a Second Language (ESL) in the Student Success Metrics (SSM) Fall 2019 Consultation with the Chancellor's Office
LGBT MIS Data Collection and Dissemination Fall 2015 Consultation with the Chancellor's Office


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"Where are We, and What are We Doing Here?" February 2002
1998 Exemplary Award Winners October 1998
30 Years of Evolution for Associate Degree February 2012
60 Percent? 80 Percent?Your Academic Senate and Healthy Dissent May 2006
75/25-the Faculty Obligation Number or Why are We Not All There Yet? March 2004
A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to Session March 2004
A Historical and Historic Success for the ASCCC: The 2007 Raising of the English and Math Requirements July 2019
A New Assessment for All Community College Students October 2014
A New Fully Online California Community College? April 2018
A Principled Perspective: Something to Act Upon Or, Making a List and Checking it Twice December 2003
A Progressive, Productive Model for Honors and Equity November 2021
A Rostrum Article Without a Title April 2022
A Student’s Perspective November 2011
A System Advisory Committee on Curriculum (SACC) September 2006
A Tale of Interpretations: Transfer Velocity April 2010
A Year Later: Where We Are with AB 705 for Mathematics and English October 2018
AB 420: A Shaky Beginning, or a Dismal Conclusion? October 1999
AB 705: Unintended Impacts on Classes and Faculty April 2020
AB 806 and the 50% Law: Could We Do Better? March 2014
AB86 Update And Next Steps February 2015
About Education . . . April 2001
Academic Freedom and Equity November 2020
Academic Integrity September 2007
Academic Programs without Homes May 2009
Access, Engagement, and Impact: The Hybrid World of ASCCC Events February 2022


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