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The mission of the ASCCC Open Educational Resources Initiative (OERI) is to reduce the cost of educational resources for students by expanding the availability and adoption of high-quality Open Educational Resources (OER). OERI facilitates and coordinates the curation and development of OER texts, ancillaries, and support systems.

Through recommendations to the ASCCC Executive Committee, OERI supports local OER implementation efforts through the provision of professional development, technical support, and technical resources.

If you haven't already please sign up for the ASCCC OER listserv to receive updates regarding resources, webinars, newsletters, and more. To view useful resources for Biology, ECE/Child Development, Communication Studies, Psychology, and Sociology, please visit the ASCCC OERI Canvas page.

Upcoming Webinars:

September 5 - ZTC Vs OER Vs No-Cost – 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.


How do we describe that course section’s required materials? Is the section ZTC, OER, no-cost, all of the above, none of the above - and does it really matter? Join us for a lively discussion of definitions, effective and not-so-effective practices, and the implementation of SB 1359. We hope you’re free for our no-cost conversation.

September 12 - OER/ZTC, Equity, and Beyond – 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.


While it is easy to see the link between no-cost resources and achieving your equity goals, how do you take this concept to the next level and connect it to other college initiatives and make this understanding a part of your college culture? What are the fundamental connections between your local equity, Open Educational Resources (OER), guided pathways, and Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC) efforts? This webinar will introduce you to resources for training yourself - and your colleagues - to understand and appreciate these important intersections.

September 19 - Introduction to OER Advocacy - How to Stop Talking to Yourself – 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.


Every college has its own unique culture. While OER is alive and moving forward at that college over there, why are you the only one who seems to care at your college? How do you inspire the excitement that you have for the OER movement? Join us for a lively conversation about changing the conversation.

September 26 - Open Forum – 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.


Each month we will reserve one webinar to be an “open forum”. We’ll be prepared to discuss with the latest hot topics from our vantage point and ready and willing to hear - and discuss - what’s on your mind.


Archived Webinars:

LibreTexts How-to (June 26, 2019) - Webinar

OER Commons How-to (June 27, 2019) - Webinar

Pressbooks How-to (June 27, 2019) - Webinar

Curating and Publishing OER Resources - An In-Depth Look at Three Platforms (May 30, 2019)

OERI What's Next (May 17, 2019) - Webinar | PPT

Curating and Publishing OER Materials (May 10, 2019) - Webinar | PPT | PPT

OER for Librarians - A Crash Course (May 3, 2019) - Webinar | PPT

Geography (April 26, 2019) - Webinar | PPT

Computer Science (April 12, 2019) - Webinar

Foreign Languages (April 5, 2019) - Webinar | PPT

Economics (March 29, 2019) - Webinar | PPT

LibreText "Freeing" the Textbook (March 22, 2019) - Webinar | PPT

Anthropology (March 15, 2019)- Webinar | PPT

Using MyOpenMath to Support the Implementation of AB 705 and Transfer-level Courses (March 8, 2019) - Webinar | PDF | PDF

Determining Whether or Not an Online Resource is Accessible - Webinar | PPT

OER Basics II (February 22, 2019) - Webinar | PPT

OER Basics I (February 22, 2019) - Webinar | PPT

OER for Political Science  (February 8, 2019) - Webinar | PPT

The ASCCC OERI an Overview (February 1, 2019) - Webinar | PPT

Open Education Resources for Communications Studies (December 7, 2018) - WebinarPPT

Open Education Resources for Biology (November 30, 2018) - Webinar | PPT

Open Education Resources for College Success, Personal Growth, and Career Counseling (November 16, 2018) - WebinarPPT

Open Education Resources for Early Childhood Education (November 9, 2018) - WebinarPPT

Open Education Resources for English (November 2, 2018) - WebinarPPT

Open Education Resources for Ready-To-Use Math and Homework Systems (October 26, 2018) - Webinar

Open Education Resources Basics II (October 19, 2018) - WebinarPPT 

Open Education Resources for Psychology (October 12, 2018) -  Webinar | PPT | Word

Open Education Resources Basics I (October 5, 2018) - WebinarPPT

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