Transfer and Articulation Committee

The Articulation and Transfer Committee is responsible for the review of intersegmental issues regarding articulation and/or transfer, such as IGETC, LDTP, UC Streamlining, and related legislation. The Committee informs and makes recommendations to the Academic Senate Executive Committee and the faculty regarding intersegmental policies and procedures. The Committee works closely with the Counseling and Library Faculty Issues Committee on issues of concern to both.

Current Agendas/minutes

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Title Session Year Sort ascending Category
College Level Examination Program (CLEP) Exam Applicability to Associate Degree General Education Requirements Fall 2010 Curriculum
Adopt and Publicize California Community College International Baccalaureate List and Template Fall 2010 Curriculum
California Community College Transfer Recommended Guidelines Spring 2009 Articulation and Transfer
Paper on Transfer for the General Audience Spring 2009 Articulation and Transfer
Resolution of Concerns in LDTP Spring 2007 Articulation and Transfer
Changes in Transfer GE Requirements that Increase Barriers to Transfer Spring 2007 Curriculum
Researching AP Uses and Cut Scores Spring 2007 Curriculum
Intersegmental Collaboration Spring 2007 Intersegmental Issues
Residency Requirements that Delay Credit in Occupational Programs Fall 2007 Career Technical Education
Course Identification Numbering System for Students Fall 2006 Articulation and Transfer
Advanced Placement (AP) Credit Policies Fall 2006 Articulation and Transfer
Articulation and Transfer Funding Fall 2006 Articulation and Transfer
International Baccalaureate Fall 2006 Curriculum
Recommended Transfer Guidelines Fall 2006 Articulation and Transfer
CSU's Lower Division Transfer Pattern Project Spring 2005 Intersegmental Issues
California Community College Articulation System Fall 2005 Articulation and Transfer
Transfer Policy Integrity Fall 2005 Articulation and Transfer
Community College Participation in ASSIST Fall 2005 Articulation and Transfer
ASSIST Single Course Query Fall 2005 Articulation and Transfer
Higher Education Priorities and Curriculum Decisions Fall 2003 State and Legislative Issues
Standardized Template for Advanced Placement Exam Information Spring 2008 Articulation and Transfer
Articulation Information Spring 1994 Articulation and Transfer
Common Discipline Curriculum Spring 1992 Curriculum



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