Transfer, Articulation, and Student Services Committee

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Transfer and Articulation Committee

The Transfer, Articulation, and Student Services Committee is responsible for development and review of policies, procedures, administrative requirements, and general information regarding Transfer, Articulation, Counseling, Library, and services that support instruction and student success.  The committee makes recommendations to the Academic Senate Executive Committee.

Academic Year Meetings

TASSC 2020-2021 Meeting Dates 




September 11, 2020 11:00AM-12:00PM CCCConfer/Zoom


NOTE: Members of this committee assist in planning the Academic Academy.


Current Agendas/minutes

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Title Session Year Category
Counseling Faculty Assigned to other College Programs Fall 1997 Counseling
Standards of Practice for California Community College Counseling Programs Spring 1997 Counseling
Information Competency Fall 1996 Library and Learning Resources
Student Preparation and Success Spring 1998 Local Senates
Cataloging by Librarians Spring 1996 Library and Learning Resources
Create a Standing Committee for Counseling and Library Faculty Issues Spring 1995 Counseling
UC/CSU Transfer Admissions Practices Spring 2004 Intersegmental Issues
CSU Service Areas Spring 2004 Intersegmental Issues
Categorical Funding for Library and Learning Resources Fall 1996 Library and Learning Resources
Ratio, Counseling and Library Faculty Inclusion(19.13 S96 Postponed) Fall 1996 Professional Standards
Athletic Counselors Fall 1997 Counseling
No classroom Faculty and 75:25 Spring 1997 Professional Standards
Learning Center Faculty Spring 1997 Professional Standards
Internet and Career Center Access Spring 1997 Career Technical Education
Honors Programs Fall 1998 Students
Honors Programs Spring 1998 Students
Transfer Admission Guarantee Agreements Spring 1998 Articulation and Transfer
Inclusion of all Counseling Faculty in General Counseling Activities Spring 1998 Counseling
Web Advising Fall 1999 Counseling
English Placement Spring 1999 Professional Standards
Community College Articulation Numbering System (CCAN) Spring 1999 Articulation and Transfer
Degree Audit Check Spring 1999 Counseling
Appropriate Uses of Paraprofessionals Spring 1999 Counseling
Use of Paraprofessionals Spring 2001 Counseling
Protection of Counseling and Library Faculty in Relation to the 50% Law Fall 2000 State and Legislative Issues



Past members

Past Members
Term: 2014-15
Member Term
Cynthia Rico 2014-15
Wheeler North 2014-15
Yvonne Valenzuela 2014-15
Shuntay Taylor 2014-15
Tiffany Tran 2014-15
Eric Narveson 2014-15
Michael Wyly 2014-15
Term: 2015-16
Member Term
Dolores Davison 2015-16
April Pavlik 2015-16
Michael Wyly 2015-16
Shuntay Taylor 2015-16
Vicki Maheu 2015-16
Virginia "Ginni" May 2015-16 Chair
Term: 2016-17
Member Term
Grant Goold 2016-17
Diane Edwards-LiPera 2016-17
Corinna Evett 2016-17
Gayle Harris Watkins 2016-17
Tanya McGinnis 2016-17
Term: 2017-18
Member Term
LaTonya Parker 2017-18
Randy Beach 2017-18 Chair
Maurice Geddis 2017-18
Jacqueline Stahlke 2017-18
Dave DeGroot 2017-18
Clarisa Veras 2017-18
Julie Land 2017-18
Conan McKay 2017-18
Term: 2018-19
Member Term
LaTonya Parker 2018-19
Karen Chow 2018-19
Teresa Aldredge 2018-19
Tanya McGinnis 2018-19
Lynn Fowler 2018-19
Graciela Saez-Kleriga 2018-19
Arthur Guaracha 2018-19
Michelle Bean 2018-19 Chair
Term: 2019-20
Member Term
Sam Foster 2019-20 Chair
Anna Nicholas 2019-20
Jose Lara 2019-20
Lorraine Burnham-Levy 2019-20
Mark Edward Osea 2019-20
Miles Vega 2019-20
Term: 2020-21
Member Term
Manuel Vélez 2020-21 Chair
LaTonya Parker 2020-21
Ted Blake 2020-21
Julie Clark 2020-21
Nohemy Chavez 2020-21
Tahirah Simpson 2020-21
Martin Gomez 2020-21
Term: 2021-22
Member Term
Cheryl Aschenbach 2021-22 Chair
LaTonya Parker 2021-22
Teresa Aldredge 2021-22
Ted Blake 2021-22
Brenda Chan 2021-22
Eduardo Vasquez 2021-22
Julie Clark 2021-22

Past Agenda/minutes