Disciplines List

Every year the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges conducts a review of the Disciplines List, which establishes the minimum qualifications for the faculty of California community colleges. The annual process was implemented following the adoption of Resolution 10.01 F16.

The annual review cycle begins each February. Disciplines List revision proposals received by September 30 that meet all the required criteria will undergo a first hearing at the fall plenary session and may be considered for approval by the delegates at the following spring plenary session.

The Minimum Qualifications for Faculty and Administrators in California Community Colleges handbook contains the disciplines list recommendations submitted by the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges and approved by the Board of Governors. The handbook also contains a comprehensive review of regulations regarding the minimum qualifications and disciplines lists. New editions of the handbook amend previous editions and are effective immediately to be employed as appropriate in each community college district. The Disciplines List Archives contains  archived editions of the Minimum Qualifications for Faculty and Administrators in California Community Colleges.

Considering a Disciplines List Revision? Please review the Disciplines List Revision Handbook for important information about the process. Check out the FAQs to learn if a change is actually necessary.  If you read the FAQ document and are still unsure if a change is necessary, please contact us at disciplineslist [at] asccc.org.

The following resource documents are provided at the end of this page to assist you with developing and submitting proposed changes to the Disciplines List.

  • Discipline List Proposal Process: This document provides you with a guide to the discipline review process.
  • Discipline List Review Timeline: This timeline provides information about key deadlines.  Please note that the final day to accept proposals each year is September 30. Following submission, please pay attention to the hearing dates. Revisions to the Discipline List Form: This form is used to submit revisions.
  • FAQs on Minimum Qualifications: This FAQs document clarifies some common misunderstandings about minimum qualifications.

For more information or to submit input about the discipline proposals currently being vetted please send to the following: disciplineslist [at] asccc.org