2013 Curriculum Regional Meetings

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The primordial stew that is Title 5 continues to be stirred by internal and external pressures meant to improve, refine, and otherwise reconfigure the hearts of our colleges. The Academic Senate for California Community Colleges is again hosting regional curriculum meetings to assist colleges navigating expectations regarding AD-Ts, the launch of IGETC for STEM, determining the appropriate instructional offerings to support student success, and the implementation of repeatability requirements while maintaining the standards and integrity that best serve our students. Attendees are encouraged to bring other curricular issues and practical examples of repeatability issues solved locally. Curriculum chairs or committee members, Academic Senate leaders, administrators and support staff are welcome to attend.  

Dates & Locations

Southern                                                                         Northern
Friday, November 15, 2013                                             Saturday, November 16, 2013
Long Beach City College                                                      Laney College - The Bistro
Building T, room 1200 (located in the spine of building)          900 Fallon Street
4901 E. Carson Street                                                        Oakland, CA 94607-4893 
Long Beach, CA 90808-1706                                              



10:00 am to 3:00 pm - Morning coffee/pastries and lunch provided
*Colleges are encouraged to bring printed examples that work regarding repeatability to share with colleagues.

A.  Greetings and Salutations

B.  Update on Global Curriculum Issues
1.C-ID and AD-Ts

C.  Credit vs. Noncredit – Review of Content
1.Defining credit and noncredit 
2.Basic Skills 
3.Student Success Measures

D.  Repeatability Rules
1.Major Requirements
2.Intercollegiate Athletics – 175 rule
3.Academic or Vocational Competition Courses
4.Adaptive PE ruling
5.Courses Related in Content

E.  Lunch & Discussion
1.Collect Question Cards            
2.Share working examples

F.  Q & Awith the Curriculum Committee & Michelle Goldberg, Staff Counsel, CCCCO

G.  Adjourn


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Long Beach Community College: Click here to download the permit you will need to print out and place on your dashboard. It is recommend to park in Lot P, L or M or the parking structure.

Laney College: No parking permit is necessary. Click here for map of campus to find parking near The Bistro.