Get Involved

Do you have a fair amount of experience at your college under your belt or would you like to gain experience in a larger arena? Having implemented changes locally, are you interested in participating in the development of state policies that bring about these changes? When the solicitations for nominations to serve on the state level have been mentioned at plenary sessions, institutes, mailings, or through personal contact, have you thought about filling out that form but just not gotten around to it? Well, here's your chance, because we need your help! Last year the Academic Senate appointed more than 80 full- and part-time faculty members to serve at the state level in shaping statewide policies; however, we still have more requests than we had nominations.

If you are willing to serve on a statewide committee or would like to nominate others to serve, please visit our Service at the State Level page for information about the Academic Senate standing committees and Chancellor's Office committees, task forces, and advisory groups. If your schedule does not permit your involvement, please help us by spreading the word; perhaps a colleague simply did not know the full range of committees, task forces, and other groups available for faculty interested. Appointments begin in August and continue throughout the year. Completing a Faculty application for Statewide Service does not commit you to service on a committee but instead informs us of your interest in serving. Committee chairs or the Senate Office will contact those who have been selected to fill openings on committees.

We encourage you to send a link to this page to other colleagues you feel may be interested in serving at the state level. Thank you for nominating yourself, nominating another faculty member or helping to find interested faculty to serve at the state level! Please remember that serving at the state level helps all faculty become more informed about those issues that are critical to California educators.