Legislative Positions

Date Sort ascending Bill Author ASCCC Position Summary Position Letter
Community College Budget Proposal Oppose The online community college proposal includes $120 million from Proposition 98 dollars ($100 million one time, $20 million ongoing). The Academic Senate fully supports the goal of expanding access to working adults, particularly those individuals not currently well-served by the state’s higher education offerings, and we are committed to serving all student populations in California by exploring the feasibility of developing non-traditional online programs. However, the Academic Senate does not believe that the establishment of a separate, fully online college is a viable paradigm. Our primary concerns include the following. Community College Budget Proposal
AB 705 Irwin Oppose The current language of AB 705 seriously limits the ability of the colleges to recognize and respond to the needs of the diverse student populations we serve. The selection of appropriate multiple measures is dependent on the circumstance and life experience of each student. AB 705 limits the ability of colleges to select the most appropriate measures to best reflect the needs of the individual student by subjecting all students to the same measures. AB 705 Letter.pdf , Governor Brown AB705.pdf
AB 204 Medina Support AB 204 would ensure fairness, consistency, and comparability in district appeals process across the California Community College System by requiring regular review and comment by the Chancellor’s Office. AB204 Medina Support .pdf
Community College Budget Proposal 6870-101-0001 Support $300,000 Augmentation The Academic Senate for California Community Colleges (ASCCC) is seeking a $300,000 augmentation to increase funding to accommodate the increasing demands for faculty participation brought on by numerous legislative reforms, the CCC student success initiative, the CTE Task Force for Workforce, Job Creation, and a Strong Economy, the C-ID course numbering system, the high school to community college articulation coordination, as well as assisting California Community College with technical assistance in a number of areas including curriculum development/process and accreditation, providing professional development for improved online education, and engaging part-time faculty in student success initiatives. AS CC Budget Proposal Letter Final 5_26_16.pdf
2016 Budget Trailer Bill - Section 308 Strong Workforce Program Concerns regarding the allocation of funding for the Strong Workforce Program in the 2016 Budget Trailer Bill. Section 308 of the Trailer Bill as written would direct funding through a fiscal agent chosen by each regional collaborative. Budget Trailer Bill Language Regarding Strong Workforce Program..pdf
AB 1892 Medina Support AB 1892 would reform the Cal Grant C awards for student financial aid in ways that would offer substantial benefits to community college students. AB 1892 Support awb.pdf
AB 2434 Bonta Oppose Unless Amended AB 2434 would establish a Blue Ribbon Commission on Public Postsecondary Education to “make recommendations on improving access to and affordability in postsecondary education for Californians.” AB 2434 oppose unless amended.pdf
AB 2009 Lopez Support AB 2009 would “require the California Community Colleges and the California State University, and would request the University of California to designate a Dream Resource Liaison on each of their respective campuses . . . to assist students meeting specified requirements, including undocumented students, by streamlining access to all available financial aid and academic opportunities for those students.” AB 2009 Support.pdf
AB 1985 Williams Oppose AB 1985 would require the California Community Colleges to develop, and each community college district to adopt, a uniform policy to award a pupil who passes an Advanced Placement exam with a score of 3 or higher credit for a course within this curriculum with subject matter similar to that of the Advanced Placement exam. AB 1985 Oppose.pdf
AB 2017 McCarty Support AB 2017 which would establish and fund the College Mental Health Services Trust Account. AB 2017 Support.pdf