AB 705 Resources

The passage of AB 705 (Irwin) has fundamentally changed the way that students are assessed and placed into courses in English, English as a Second Langugage (ESL), and mathematics. Colleges will be required to fully implement the requirements of AB 705 by Fall 2019 for English and mathematics and by Fall 2020 for ESL. This webpage has been created to collect available resources for colleges as they develop new curriculum, revise assessment and placement models, and develop innovative ways of supporting students and increasing their chances of success. As new resources are developed, they will continue to be added to this webpage, allowing interested faculty to find all of ASCCC's resource related to AB 705 at a single location.

If your college has specific questions related to the local implementation of AB 705 that are not answered by these documents, please send that question to info [at] asccc.org.

You can access adopted Resolutions pertaining to AB 705 here - use the Title search box and enter "AB 705". 

Approved AB 705 Regulations - March 18, 2019

Approved AB 705 Regulations Summary - March 18, 2019

AB 705 Regional Meeting - September 20, 2018 - Materials

AB 705 ESL Update
Concurrent Supports and Possible Innovations
Implementation Requirements for AB 705
Placement Models
Understanding the AB 705 FAQ

AB 705 Regional Meeting - October 6, 2018 - Materials 

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