Issues and Options for Associate Degree Levels In Mathematics and English

Curriculum Committee

This paper was initially disseminated in Fall 2004 and is included here for your convenient reference.

This paper addresses a central question regarding the statewide associate degree requirements for mathematic and English: Are the present associate degree minimum course requirements for English and mathematics mandated by Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations appropriate for today’s students? If not, we must come to a decision of what change or changes the Academic Senate should recommend.

Unlike most Academic Senate publications, this paper does not adopt a position but, in keeping with prior resolutions, attempts to provide a resource for informed participation of local senates in this debate. This paper offers the current context for this discussion, raises issues, and attempts to frame the question before us. The paper also contains information supplemental information in appendices. The discussion, then, that follows provides arguments about the primary question, suggests related issues, and encourages informed discussion on local campuses so that delegates at session may reflect the opinions of their local senates when they vote on resolutions related to these issues.