Minimum Qualifications for Faculty and Administrators in the California Community Colleges

Professional Standards

This eighth edition of Minimum Qualifications for Faculty and Administrators in California Community Colleges is an update of the disciplines lists including those adopted by the Board of Governors of the California Community Colleges at their regularly scheduled meeting on November 2, 2009.

The Minimum Qualifications Handbook lists those disciplines taught in the California Community College System and the minimum qualifications related to each discipline. There are three types of minimum qualifications associated with the various disciplines:

  • Disciplines requiring a master’s degree
  • Disciplines where a master’s degree is generally not available or expected but a specific degree is identified
  • Disciplines where a master’s degree is not generally available or expected

This version of the “Handbook” contains four lists. The three individual lists identified above and a single alphabetical list containing all disciplines.

The BOG relies primarily on the advice of the Academic Senate for the California Community Colleges (ASCCC) in revising the disciplines list. The ASCCC conducts a bi-annual process of reviewing and discussing proposed changes to the disciplines list. The next proposed revisions to the handbook will be in 2012. Information concerning this process can be found at

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