Model District Policy for Prerequisites, Corequisites, Advisories on Recommended Preparation, and Other Limitations on Enrollment


This model is written as a district policy for a multi-college district. Districts that have only one college may wish to edit accordingly. Indeed, even multi-college districts may prefer a policy that leaves more or less discretion to the colleges. Some parts of the model are specifically required by the regulations and, therefore, must be part of every district's policy. Such required sections are marked "Regulation" in the margin. Parts of the model are crucial to satisfactory implementation of the regulations and are marked "Crucial" in the margin. Districts may change these crucial parts of the model as they draft their own local policies. However, they must submit a rationale for any changes in the crucial areas of the model, and those changes require the approval of the Chancellor. Still other parts of the model are only advisory. They represent the counsel of those faculty and administrators who have studied these issues carefully over the last many months but may be changed in whatever manner the local district sees fit.

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