Sound Principles For Faculty Evaluation

Professional Standards
Educational Policies Committee

This paper is a response to Academic Senate Resolution 19.05 F11, which called for an update of the 1990 Academic Senate Paper Guidelines for Developing a Faculty Evaluation Process. The current paper presents the position that faculty evaluations should be focused on professional development and on personal and professional growth and should provide meaningful, useful feedback to the evaluee. In order to make evaluation processes honest and meaningful, colleges must establish an environment in which faculty excellence and success are acknowledged and celebrated, in which suggestions for further improvement and growth are expected and welcomed, and in which both evaluators and evaluees are comfortable with candid discussion of areas for improvement. Academic senates, bargaining units, and college administration must work together to establish processes that are fair and consistent and that are not perceived by faculty as threatening or punitive. This paper is intended to update and replace the 1990 paper.